Tigmanshu Dhulia films has no place for music as such, in his films the songs are mostly played in background. Bullet Raja seems to be something new from the director. If you have Sajid-Wajid as your music composers, then definitely music is one of the most important aspect of the film. Looking at the theme of Bullet Raja it will be interesting to see how the music has been incorporated in the film.

Tamanche Pe Disco composed and sung by RDB is a typical RDB type song. Except the lines tamache pe disco and the way they are sung nothing great about the song. The song will last only till the films survival at the box office. One can hear this type of song in every second film.

Saamne Hai Savera sung by Shreya Ghoshal and Wajid is a sweet romantic slow song. While listening this song you think you have heard something same before but can’t recollect where. Shreya Ghoshal’s melodious voice and the tune of the song is the only good part in the entire song.

Jai Govinda Jai Gopala sung by Neeraj Shreedhar is a mixture of a slow and dancing number. The medium tempo with decent lyrics and okay composition make this one an ordinary track. This one has slightly devotional feel because of words Govinda and Gopala.

Don’t Touch My Body sung by Mamta Sharma is nothing but a similar version of Munni, Anarkali, Pritam Pyare etc. Typical item song with zero innovation lyrics, same UP-Bihari feel to the song. Mahie Gill’s moves is the only thing that can be good part of the song.

Bullet Raja in Wajid’s voice is again a similar type of song composed by the composer duo earlier but then this one can be said as their specialty where they describe the hero of the film be it Dabangg or Bullet Raja. Good to hear this one with all brass band instruments. Best song of the album.

Satake Thoko sung by Wajid, Keerthi Sagathia, Danish Sabri starts with a bang and then turns into a slow track then again fast then slow. This song seems to be one which takes the story forward. Good song but no innovation similar to Humka Peeni Hai or Pandeyji Seeti.

Overall the Bullet Raja album is good. Stuck to the film’s theme and feel. Good mixture of songs romantic, dance number, item song etc etc. If you love Sajid Wajid music this one needs to be in your collection. I enjoyed their previous work so did the latest one. No much innovation but a good album.
Best Song: Bullet Raja
Worst Song: Don’t Tuch My Body

My Verdict:2.75/5



  1. Its a good movie with indian political plots.but the heroine is having a lesser role in this movie.The climax was good,but it was bit hurried climax,that means it could have been taken better.its a entertainer.


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