Sunny Deol is back in his most loved avatar as a punjab da munda. Singh Saab The Great(SSTG) from the name itself tells you the flavor of the music of the film. The album is filled with punjabi tadka and Sonu Nigam is the star of the album, he seems to be back with a bang with this film. Anand Raj Anand who is pretty good at punjabi music has done a pretty good job. The album has 5 tracks and 1 remix.

Sinu Nigam has sang 4 out of 5 songs and composed one of them. The title track Singh Saab The Great has been composed by Sonu Nigam and sung by him along with Teesha Nigam. The song is surprisingly awesome. No the typical ahun ahun track which was expected. It’s a slow soulful and mesmerizing song with connects with you instantly. Being a slow song it’s catchy enough where you feel like listening this one again and again. This one is the best track of the album. Heer is one more slow song sung by Sonu himself which is somewhere close to the title track. The song is very slow and happy song sung to impress someone and express one’s feeling of love. Good lyrics and average composition make this one a decent song.

The remaining three tracks Daru Bandh Kal Se, Jab Mehndi Lag Lag Jaave sung by Shreya Ghoshal and Sonu Nigan and Palang Tod in voice of Sunidhi Chauhan and Anand Raj Anand are typical punjabi flavoured song. All of them are dancing numbers and the moment you listen you feel like dancing to tunes of ahun ahun. Palang Tod is somewhat similar to Sunidhi’s previous songs and has a UP-Bihar feel to it and combination of Hindi-English lyrics make it even more ordinary.

On the whole the album has two beautiful tracks, title track and Heer, the other three are very ordinary and makes the entire album a decent album to listen. If you are a huge fan of Sonu Nigam and likes to listen whatever e sings you should add this one to your collection. Overall a decent album.

Best Song: Singh Saab The Great
Worst Song:N/A

My Verdict:2.75/5


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