After a pathetic trailer and trash album, the film which failed miserably to create little curiosity among audience, was doing nothing but just giving signals, right from the first promo that the film is bad please don’t watch it and save yourself from this torture. Krrish 3 is strictly a below average film.

Plus Points:
1 VFX of the film is outstanding. It is flawless. On TV you might feel that its bad or not worth spending your hard earned money but it looks superb on big screen.
2 Cinematography of the film is very good. The film is a visual treat in most of the scenes.
3 Performance upto some extent. Rohit has to perform well and live upto the audience expectations, the other cast is nothing great except Kangana. Hrithik as Krrish is very ordinary.

Minus Points:
1 Obviously the music. The film could have been better if there wouldn’t have been any songs. They are situational but as they are bad they spoil the pace of the film.
2 Screenplay is pathetic. If 5 people write screenplay for one film it has to be bad as too many cooks spoil the soup. Story is equally bad and as the film progresses it becomes worse and you can’t connect with it at all.
3 The lengthy climax is a huge spoiler and if you don’t find anything interesting on screen you can see people exiting and laugh on the film.
4 Editing could have been better. When a song distracts you an important sequence just after that makes it difficult to keep you engaged. The film finds it difficult to keep you engaged throughout.
5 Villain’s prominence is missing. None of the character is established properly rather due to weak screenplay it is missing.

The film is a good example of 150 minutes branding of various brands. They should have concentrated more on other characters rather than giving space to so many brands. It has left RA.One behind. The film is good in bits and parts also interesting at places but nowhere close to Koi Mil Gaya or Krrish. Rakesh Roshan is hugely disappointing. Watch it once without spending much, just for it’s VFX. Hrithik fans, even though he is the saving grace of the film, watch it at your own risk. This Diwali is without any dhamaka in Bollywood which was very much expected from Krrish. Verdict is only for Hrithik and VFX of the film.

Rating: 2.5/5


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