You are promised something and you get something else, yoy won’t it like it much even if it’s good enough. Mickey Virus is an example of such case. The film is being promoted as a light hearted entertainer and it turned out to be a good thriller.

It’s a simple story of Mickey (Manish Paul) a hacker who unknowingly finds himself in a huge trouble and how he manages to free himself is what the film is all about. Manish Paul gives an impressive performance but at places he is a disappointment. Varun Badola is one surprise package in the film. Elli Avram is sweet and simple. Saurabh Verma’s direction is good but then it’s that of a television level. Need to improve his direction skills. Music of the film is average. The songs are good as far as film is concerned and that they go with the story. It does not have the potential of a good album. Editing of the film could have been better. First half of the film makes you clueless and you are not convinced why are these things happening. It’s only post interval the film manages to grab your attention and keeps you engaged.

On the whole Mickey Virus is a good attempt made but misleading audiences and decent suspense makes this film an average fare. The suspense is what we see in television crime shows. Had the film been promoted as a suspense film it could have worked. Watch this one at your risk.



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