Akshay Kumar is a bankable star, no doubt about that, but when a commercial film is integrated with a good emotional touch does it still remains the typical mass commercial film? Well Boss gives a green signal to normal commercial film made with the intention of just entertaining people touches your heart and you really feel for the characters in the film.

Different from the typical mass entertainers because:
1 Obviously more concentration on emotional aspect along with other factors like action drama etc
2 A mass entertainer where you feel this movie could have been good enough without songs as well, hats off to Anthony D’souza for coming up with such a film, but then producer don’t invest if you don’t have item number, catchy track in your film
3 Hero enters after 30 minutes and all the central characters of the film have been very well introduced and screen space rightly divided among all the characters
4 Flashback beautifully used and adds importance to the film and yes also filled with lots of emotions
5 Brilliant camera angles and most importantly uniquely designed action sequences (except climax)

Things in this film that every other mass entertainer has:
1 Story becomes predictable after certain point of time (here it is the interval scene)
2 Unnecessary songs (here every song is waste and all of them are predictable from the promos on TV)
3 And yes the climax is very ordinary where as usual where hero wins in the end.

Overall the film pulls it off with no much concentration on Akshay Kumar, no prominent actress which could have been a boon for the film and giving villain equal importance as the hero. After a long time a good meaningful entertainer which at times remind you of bollywood films of olden and golden era. This one is recommended and if you are a Akshay Kumar fan don’t dare to miss this one.



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