KRRISH 3 (Music)

Rajesh Roshan who has given some beautiful melodies in 90’s has miserably failed this time. This can be counted as one of his worst work ever. The bad trailer of the film did not make the audience wait for the music of the film. The music of the film has made things worst for it.
The title track of of the film Krrish Krrish shouldn’t it be “Krrish Krrish Krrish” since its Krrish 3, is a huge letdown. The song is sung by Mamta Sharma now this makes you wonder is this an item number? that needs to be watched in the film. Music of this song is like some horror film and scares you. Bad song in terms of singer and music.
Raghupati Raghav is a dancing number which not at all makes you feel like dancing. Neeraj Shreedhar and Monali Thakur could not save the song as well. The lyrics are not that great at all. Choreography is below average. Hrithik’s potential is much more than this. There is the tune of the original devotional song in this song but god also refused to make this song enjoyable.
Dil Tu Hi Bata is a slow romantic number which makes you hate the feeling of love. Zubeen Garg and Alisha Chinai deserved much better song than this. There is zero creativity in the lyrics. The locations are beautiful but they add nothing to the song. The song looks like some crappie 80’s and 90’s hindi film song.
You Are My Love you are my dove you are my cuddling pudding pie” is the next song from the album. Mohit Chauhan should have refused the song. Alisha Chinai tries a lot to seduce you but saying “let’s try” en number of times but no use of that too. The song sounds like some nursery rhyme. After hearing the song one can’t even dare to image the visual of this song. One more bad song from the album.
Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal the talented singers have one song in this album, but unfortunately that is bad too. God Allah aur Bhagwan is slightly decent just because of the singers. Like the rest this one is also a very bad song. Hope the god saves the soul of the insaan who hears this song.
What was the composer thinking while making the music and how did director like Rakesh Roshan approve it. Undoubtedly the weakest work of Rajesh Roshan. Even a bad film like Kites had a decent music. Like trailer even the music won’t work in favor of the film. Now the last and only hope of the film is the film itself and hopefully it makes it makers happy. This album is not at all recommend. Kindly stay away from this album and don’t spoil your collection by adding this one to it. By the way the album has two remixes also but I had no patience to hear them. Try them at your own risk.
Best Song: N/A
Worst Song: All

My Verdict:1/5


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