Be for Beimaan, Sha for Shaitaan..these are the lyrics of the title track of the film and the director has literally behaved like a beimaan and shaitaan. Beimaan for copying from various films and Shaitaan for the bathing scene of Ranbir. Abhinav Singh Kashyap, the name itself brought in lots of expectations from this film. When the film starts it reminds you of the directors previous blockbuster Dabangg, but sadly this one is nowhere close to Dabangg.

Besharam is a typical senseless film made to entertain audience. The film has so many stories going around at the same time, Babli’s (Ranbir Kapoor) character is explained then Tara’s (Pallavi Sharda) character is explained side by side along with that Chulbul And Bulbul Chautala (Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Kapoor) life tragedy is shown. Chandel (Javed Jaffery) comes and goes in between. All these have little or no link in the first half. The connection starts either post interval or in the climax. In fact when any one of these character is on screen you forget about the others in the film. The film is boring in bits and parts. It’s only Ranbir Kapoor which has managed to save this film. It is out and out a one man show. He has made this crap film slightly decent with his hard work and dedication towards this film. Abhinav Kashyap is a complete let down in this film. He has failed this time to tell an ordinary story with his extraordinary direction skills.

The film completely becomes predictable from the first song of the film itself which is the title track, all thanks to the promos till date. The first half looks more like a music video than a film with three songs in first thirty minutes. Same situation in the second half. The songs starts suddenly and for a second you feel “ohh noo one more song”. The music of Lalit Pandit is strictly average. Apart from Ranbir his parents shine in their respective roles. Palavi Sharda and Javed Jaffrey are decent. The director could not manage to make the audience feel the emotions of the characters on screen and that’s the reason you find the film uninteresting and bear whatever comes on screen.

On the whole Besharam is all about Ranbir and he is the saving grace of the film. Ranbir’s performance make this one a decent watch. Ranbir’s fan are in for a treat else the movie can be watched one without spending much.



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