When you hear a lot of good stuff about a film much before it’s release you have hell lot expectations from that particular film. The expectations goes up when the renowned critics give 5 starts to it. On top that the trailer of the film impresses you then you become impatient unless you watch that film. Finally you go and watch that film and the film does not live up to your expectations nor up to the hype created. Even if the film is very good the self raised expectation and that influential hype makes you come out the theater not so satisfied. That’s exactly the case with The Lunchbox.

The film has no flaws in it at all. The director does not give you any chance to complaint even on a single scene but then when one goes with lots of expectations to watch this film, he/she will definitely think that this is not what i had expected. The film is simple and sweet story of two people who have never met in their life. The communicate daily via letters in the era of e-mail. The letters are exchanged by lunchbox which Ila prepares for her husband but the lunchbox reaches Sajan Fernande’s and the story between Ila and Sajan commences. In an 110 minutes film the director takes 25 minutes to start the actual film. Before that it’s sheer time pass and reminds you of Madhur Bhandarker films where reality is showcased, here it is life of dabbawallas. Once the conversation between two protagonists starts it just keeps on going, no major twist nothing in it. The film revolves little bit around past and current scenario of the main protagonists apart from just showing each other reading letters. The entire film is a repetition of one single incident with little or no innovation. The film ends on a sad note rather ends abruptly and makes you think the consequences of the entire film.

The film is a very good concept. The actors in it have performed exceptionally well. Irrfan Khan is good to see in an sober and calm man who is about to retire. Nimrat Kaur plays a perfect housewife who expects nothing from her husband but find her own way to stay happy. The film has no music at all and it does not affect the film at all. The film is very well shot and this short film could have been little more shorter. On the whole the film needs to be watched for directors brilliant effort and outstanding performance of the actors. The film is short and sweet and made with a good intention and the makers have put in their heart and soul in this film. Don’t have huge expectations and get disappointed rather go with the intention of watching a sweet and simple film which is entertaining as well.



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