Zanjeer is very much typical single screen mass oriented film. The film is fully packed with good action and enough drama with some good performances. After watching countless films on same theme of cop, there is nothing much new to offer in Zanjeer. Obviously this is one not at fault since it is a remake and the original one was made some four decades ago.

The story is more or less the same of its original one. In fact many scenes directed the same way as it was in original. Huge difference in remake and original is, one the length of the film and because of that no proper justification of incidents happening in the film. In original it was properly shown, Sher Khan stopping all his illegal business. In remake no dialogue or scene justifying Sher Khan agreeing to stop his illegal business, it just happens suddenly. Good performances by the entire cast. Ram Charan makes a decent impressive debut. Priyanka Chopra fans are in for a treat with this film. She is just magical and makes you like her whenever she comes on screen. Sanjay Dutt is as deadly as always. Prakash Raj is same in his every film. It seems he cannot do anything apart from playing villainous roles. Mahie Gill looks sizzling in her sleek clothes and gives a good performance. Atul Kulkarni back in Page 3 role and good work by him too. The film has good number of item songs, and in this particular time when there is overdose of item songs the ones in this film fit the bill and are enjoyable.

Being a remake it is very much given the feel of a today’s film unlike Himmatwala where the Original and Remake are set in same period. Be it action, sets, costumes everything is very much the newer version of the original. There is a thin line maintained with this film to keep it very much A list bollywood film, else the film could have been one more Zilla Ghaziabad or Policegiri, film made for B and C centres with A star bollywood actors. Overall Zanjeer is made with an intention to entertain the audience which it successfully does with right dose of every aspect of entertainment. This one is recommended if you like watching those typical masala commercial entertainers.

Rating: 3/5


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