When an abnormal title of the film manages to get sufficient attention the film is half way on its path of success. Shuddh Desi Romance like its title is an out of the box concept of typical bollywood style romance. The film is very much appealing to the current youngsters, the director has successfully got each and every aspect right according to the taste of current generation. The way all the three characters think are very much what today’s teens think about being in relationship. Language used by them is simply perfect, a bunch of teens watching the film will feel more better because of the fact that this is very much them.

First half is simply superb, because it clearly reflects the thought process that went behind making this movie. It is about start and end of relationship between Gayatri (Parineeti Chopra) and Raghu (Sushant Singh Rajput). What is right at this point of time becomes wrong the very next moment, decisions are changed within a fraction of a second. Anger becomes love and love becomes anger within no time. All of this very beautifully shown in the first half. Problem arises in the second half when the same chapter starts all over again between Tara (Vaani Kapoor) and Raghu. It becomes very repetitive including performance of Vaani. Quite a few scenes which are same in dialogues, place and slight change of characters. The entire plot of the film is repetitive, on Raghu and Tara’s marriage Raghu runs away then on Raghu and Gayatri’s marriage Gayatri runs away, when Raghu and Gayatri mutually decide to marry, both of them run away, throughout the film they are running and running and running, first from marriage and them running away from each other. In spite of all these flaws film stands out of its content. The film is something which is day to day life thing but no realisation.

The film is a typical bollywood film but then good amount of research done to come out with a film on such topic. On the other hand it can be said that the film depicts the hidden perception of youngsters in small town. The film aims at showing this fact to the urban audience, depending upon the perception of individuals the film will have a mix response. The film is very nicely shot in the interiors of Jaipur, giving it the required feel and look. Since the first choice for this film was Shahid Kapoor there is no harm in imagining him when Sushant Sing Rajput is on screen, he has done it the same way Shahid could have done. When Sushant is performing one can literally feel that the role was written for Shahid provided you are aware of the fact. Parineeti is normal like her other films, bit different in her initial scenes but then she is same in her every role. Vaani Kapoor is bold and very beautiful. She does everything the Parineet i way so double role of Parineeti could have saved the cost of the film, but her beauty manages to impress you. Sachin Jigar’s music is very soothing. It is very apt to the theme and feel of the film. Four tracks and all of them are very beautiful. There are five instrumentals which are very well incorporated in the film.

In the film there are times when one of the protagonist give their opinion on a particular incident and that takes the story forward. Very beautifully done and never seen before in Hindi film. This a next step of a narrative. Overall the film is a very good attempt of doing something different within the same old genre(Romnce). Jaideep Shahani has done it his way with help of Maneesh Sharma and they are very much successful. I recommend this to everyone with the thought that go and watch something refreshing and new which is as typical and desi as bollywood.

Rating: 3.5/5


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