It’s sad and disheartening to see when people try to ban good films even before watching it. Bollywood is in its best phase when people are wanting to watch something new and different and unknowingly people influence the innocent audience against the film.

Good Part: Story which may or may not be true (according to the statement made before the film “the film is a work of fiction”) is beautifully executed. An incident creates sort of war between Sri Lankan and Tamils which leads to formation of group who is concerned about only their people and willing to do anything which will benefit their community. Then the film moves towards the assassination of Prime Minister of the country. Shoojit Sircar deserves a huge round of applause for taking such a topic that can create lot’s of controversies which eventually did, as a pure piece of entertainment. A humble request it’s just a film and kindly perceive it as a film only. The makers of the film have nothing to do with you they are here to earn money which hopefully they will earn it. John Abraham deserves a salute as an actor and most importantly as a producer for believing in this film. Nargis Fakhri finally can be called actress after this film. Both of them have done a commendable job. One of the best part of the film is, the way it is shot. All real locations, it may not be fancy and glamorous but they are definitely a visual treat. Even a simple helicopter shot of a river or sea looks better than Swiss Alps. The film is very engaging and does not let you lose your interest even for a single second. Without a single song in the film, the film has looked real and authentic at the same time it is very much entertaining.

Bad Part: People who are not aware about the history may find it difficult to connect to the film but then magic of Shoojit Sircar does make you even feel like that, the film entertains you like any other film. No need of homework for this film. This again proves that the efforts of people trying to ban this film have gone all waste. Looking at the film there is no such bad part. It is very difficult to find a flaw in the film.

Overall a very good film. The film deserves to be watched by all of us, not to know what happened in the past but for the brilliant effort made by the entire team of the film. The film can be enjoyed by both classes as well as masses. This one gets a thumbs up from me. This one is absolutely recommended.

Rating: 4/5


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