Finally after struggling and facing strong competition from other films Once Upon Ay Time In Mumbai Dobaara! hits the theater, but not with a bang expected. Hope the film gets the deserved attention and is a success at the Box Office.

  • It’s about Shohaib (Akshay Kumar) who has all the power and now he is the king of the city (Mumbai). He plans to make Aslam (Imran Khan) his right hand in his business. Jasmine (Sonakshi Sinha) comes in their lives and there starts all the problem which needs to be found out in the film.
  • Akshay Kumar is superb in this never seen before avatar. His performance does not make you laugh, like many thought from the promos. He is outstanding. Imran Khan is slightly better from his other films and Sonakshi Sinha is treat to watch. After Lootera she again proves with her performance that she is an actress and manages to make some more admirer of her acting.
  • Milan Luthria has got it right again, with his superb direction he makes his audience engaged and entertained throughout the film, he has that element within him since his last two films (Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai and The Dirty Picture). He makes an ordinary story look extraordinary with his direction style.
  • Rajat Arora is the true star of the film. His dialogues are one of the best part of the film. Every third minute a dialogue worth clapping and whistling. Most importantly all the dialogues of Akshay Kumar are superb.
  • Editing of the film is one of the drawback of the film. The film could have been short by 10-15 minutes, some of the sequences makes you loose the interest from the film.
  • Music is strictly average. Both the songs from the second half are just not required. Especially Bismillah is forcefully incorporated in the film. The music of this one is dull compared to it’s prequel.
  • The film keeps on changing it’s track from gangster flick to romantic flick but then Milan’s direction does not even make you realize that. Hats off to him for maintaining proper balance between the theme and the actual story of the film.
  • It’s pointless comparing this one to it’s prequel, no doubt this one commences where the previous film concluded but then this one is an altogether a good film in itself. Go and enjoy this full on entertaining film. This one is far ahead of your expectations.

Rating: 3.25/5


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