February 2013 saw Jai Maharashtra Dhaba Bhatinda trying to do things Yash Chopra and Karan Johar way and did not manage to impress audience. Now Duniyadari has also tried to do the same thing and has been successful to impress the audience because it did not forget to add the elements of an entertaining Marathi film.

Shreyas (Swapnil Joshi) has just joined S.P College in Pune. He has joined this college as per his mother’s wish. Shreyas faces normal ragging and then become friend with the same gang led by Digya (Ankush Chaudhary). Shreyas falls in love with Shirin (Sai Tamhankar) and even Shirin falls for him. One fine day while playing a prank on Meenu (Urmila Kanetkar) she falls for Shreyas. Now Shreyas is stuck between these two ladies whom he chooses is what the film about. Meanwhile there are many more characters in the film which adds lots of drama to the film.

Swapnil Joshi is normal happy go lucky and an innocent chap. He was good and perfect as far as the retro theme of the film is concerned. Ankush Chaudhary again typical goon role which he is best at, so nothing special about his performance. Jitendra Joshi is the scene stealer. He has shore role compared to others but whenever he is on screen he just impresses you with his performance. Urmila Kanetkar is sweet and simple. She creates a good impact on the audience with her simplicity. She is perfectly casted. Sai Tamhankar is very bold and beautiful. She has got all the nuances right of being a rich girl with good values back then in 70’s. The remaining supporting cast is simply superb. Overall the performances of the film are very good and one of the main reason to watch this film.

Sanjay Jadhav has got it right with direction. He has managed to maintain all the elements of the retro theme intact. Good direction. Story and Screenplay is equally good. Dialogues of the film are very good. Some of them are worth claps and whistles. Cinematography is again very good. The cinematographer has given good retro feel to all the shots. Editing of the film is above average. Some parts of the film could have been easily chopped off and make the film bit short. Music of the film has hit the right notes. It goes with the story of the film. Film had a place for an item song but it was not added. Good Move. All the songs are meaningful and melodious.

Overall Duniyadari has got it all right, from the story to performances to music. The film dos remind you of some of the old Hindi and Marathi film but then this one is special in it’s own way. I give this one a thumbs up. This one is absolutely recommended. Good entertaining film.

Rating: 3.5/5


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