Bollywood has seen lot’s of gangster filcks. All of them had one thing in common that is the incidents from the life of that gangster on whoch the film is based or else if a fictional gangster character then some ordinary incidents in a gangster life. D-Day is one of the best and different gangster flick ever made in bollywood. such film that tells you how can we tackle the situation instead of just making films, writing books and making stories about such gangster. The film is not telling to implement it in reality but it entertains you in an altogether different way.

D-Day is about the mission of four people where they have a plan to execute the mission. All these four characters have an emotion backdrop to them but then, this mission is very important not only personally but for their country. The plan made by them fails miserably but then there is no looking back. How these four people manage to achieve their aim on the D-Day is what D-Day all about. Un short this is the story of D-Day.

Arjun Rampal has done a never done before act. Limited dialogues and brilliant facial expression makes this performance fabulous. Irrfan was quite ordinary. He has done such types of roles always but then here he makes an impact with his performance. Huma Qureshi is very different from what she has done till now. Again she has done an outstanding job. Shruti Haasan with less screen space has made her mark in the film, especially in the song Alvida. The god of all of them is Rishi Kapoor, the second innings of this man have begun and the only tuff competitor o him is his own son. Rishi Kapoor is the scene stellar in the film. The remaining cast has also done a commendable job. The screen space for all the actors was limited but then all of them have managed to do
an outstanding job. Overall the performances of D-Day are awesome.

Nikhil Advani the man behind this film. Hats off to his thoughts. No one could ever imagine what this man has done. His direction makes you sit on the edge of your seat throughout the film. Brilliant direction. It is said too many cooks spoil the soup but that’s not the case with this film. Four writers have written this beautiful film. Screenplay of the film was very good. Editing of the film was to the point. Cinematography was brilliant. The film is shot in some real locations and gives proper feel to the film. Dialogues are very good especially that of Rishi Kapoor.

Music of the film is by Shanker Ehsaan Loy. This musical trio is back with a bang. One can’t expect music to bee soo good of such a film but then they have done a god job. All the songs in the film go with the mood of the film. The lyrics of these songs are not just words but add meaning to the character in that song and to the film too. Good music. Background score of the film is one of the best part of the film. The biggest reason to keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the film.

Overall D-Day is not less than any other Hollywood film of this genre. The film has all the right ingredients of a good film in right proportion. The film with good content is entertaining and will appeal to both masses as well as classes. Nikhil Advani deserves a pat on his back for this wonderful film. No can think that a man who made Kal Ho Na Ho and Salaan-E-Ishq will make such a path breaking film. Two thumbs up from me. Highly recommended. So reserve a day to watch this D-Day.



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