When you hear a name Policegiri either you like it or hate it, there is no other opinion for such movies. Policegiri is mainly for the single screen audience. Targeted towards masses this film is thoroughly enjoyable in an atmosphere filled with whistles and claps.

Policegiri is about DCP Rudra (Sanjay Dutt). He is corrupt but believes in performing his duties honestly. He wants the public to be safe. When he is transferred to a new town that town lives happily ever after. There is a villain Nagori (Prakash Raj) who has no issues with Rudra unless he interferes in Nagori’s work. Policegiri is all about a cop and a bad guy and how in the end good always wins over bad.

Sanjay Dutt as a cop is superb. His acting is good. Even though we have seen Sanjay Dutt in similar roles it’s good to see him do this role. Prachi Desai is sweet and simple like all her other films. Even she has dne a good job. Prakash Raj is same in all his films and in this one he was not different. High time he needs to do something different. No doubt his performance was good but it’s becoming monotonous to watch him doing same things again and again. Overall the performances in the film are good.

K.S.Ravikumar has managed to do a decent job. His direction is ordinary looking at the genre of the film. Story and Screenplay of the film were same like any other commercial masala entertainer. Dialogues in the film were above average. Editing was up to the mark. Music of the film was good in the film. The songs have no chance of entering the music charts. Music was average.

Overall Policegiri is not that bad. It can be enjoyed once in a single screen with claps and whistles. The film lacks good substance. Nothing new to offer to the audience, that’s where the film fails. If you enjoy watching films like Zila Ghaziabad, Commando, etc this one is for you.

Rating: 2/5


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