Love stories are very common in bollywood. Every time a director decide to make a love story, one thing he/she needs to know is there should be something different in his/her love story apart form a boy, a girl and opposition from either of the family. Aanad Rai has managed to bring you a love story with same elements but differently.

Story of Kundan (Dhanush) and Zoya (Sonam Kapoor). Kundan loves Zoya unconditionally. Their love story started when both of them were 8 years old. Zoya goes from Banaras to pursue her further studies. Kundan decides to wait for Zoya but when she returns she has completely forgotten Kundan. Still Kundan loves her and does everything for her which will make Zoya happy.Zoya has no intention of marrying Kundan. It is a simple story of Kundan’s love for Zoya for which he is ready to go to any limit to prove his love. Telling more would reveal many secrets of the film.

Dhanush got the right and deserved break in Bollywood. Even though it’s a love story of two people the film totally revolves around him. His performance is outstanding, apart from his struggle to get the Hindi words right with right pronunciation he just blows off your mind with his outstanding performance. Sonam Kapoor has got a right role to prove her acting skills. Her character is very well written and gives her the scope to prove her acting which she successful does. Abhay Deol was good in part even though it was not up to his level. He deserves much better things, but he was good. Swara Bhaskar and Mohmd. Zeeshan Ayyub were outstanding. Both of them have a long way to go. The producers should not hesitate to bet their money on them as leads in any film. Overall the performances in the film were very good especially Dhanush.

Aanad Rai post Tanu Weds Manu has again impressed the audience with his unique story telling of simple stories. Here again same love story seen en number of times is very well crafted and presented. All credit should go to Annand Rai. He had a beautiful vision of presenting this simple story so nicely. Story and Screenplay of Himanshu Sharma was good. Especially the screenplay was very good, since the story is a love story there is nothing much one can do. Cinematography of the film is very good especially the Banaras portion. It is beautifully shot. Editing of the film is perfect. Dialogues of the film are quite good. Some of them are very bold which make the film look different and give you goosebumps. Lot’s of slang words used but they go with the nature of the characters and the ambiance in the film created by the makers.

The music maestro A.R.Rahman has composed the music for the film. Undoubtedly it has some of the best songs ever heard. In total the album has 9 tracks all of them are beautiful. It’s difficult to select one track from the entire album. The album has a good mixture of traditional as well as modern music. The only not so good thing about the songs is that most of them play in the background and the good part about the music is that there are full songs in the film and not just two three lines of each song.

The film in the first half is very fast paced but then gradually the pace of the film is normal. Initially it feels as if you are watching the trailers seen on TV but then the film has lot’s to offer. It has quite a few unexpected twists and turns. The second half of the film looses it’s track and moves on to students politics. It is good to see that but it would have been better if the director would have selected some other premise to take the story further. The good thing about this portion in the film is that it does not loose the essence of the love story, even though something else is happening around but the director makes sure that the audience feels like watching a love story. Overall a very good film and a deserves to be watched by cinema lovers and the love birds.

Rating: 3.5/5


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