The first ever Zom-Com of bollywood is out. The first of it’s type film find it difficult to grab audience’s attention but Go Goa Gone (GGG) got it right right from it’s first trailer. Influenced by the Hollywood films, the current generation got to see something from bollywood which they would love. The film literally lived up to the expectations created from it’s first trailer.

Three friends Luv (Vir Das), Hardik (Kunal Khemu) and Bunny (Anand Tiwari) live together, work together and are enjoying their lives. One day Bunny needs to go to Goa for his presentation, it’s an entire sponsored trip from the company. Luv and Hardik plan to join their buddy Bunny. In Goa they Luv meets Luna (Puja Gupta), she invites his to a rave party on a secret island. Luv, Hardik, Bunny all of them go the party and are enjoying it. The very next morning, to everybody’s surprise they are attacked by the Zombies. In an attempt of escaping from Zombies they meet Boriz (Saif Ali Khan) who help them escape from Zombies.

Saif Ali Khan as Boriz is one one performance to look out from Saif. He has given us a never seen before performance from him. Even though he was dominated by the other three guys he made his presence felt in the film. Vir Das as Luv was the same what he is in his other films. This guy has the potential and can do much better. Kunal Khemu as Hardik was the scene stellar. Every boy of this generation can relate to his character. Kunal was simply amazing. Anand Tiwari as Bunny was very bland. He had nothing much to do, the same simple shy guy, it was the repetition of his own performance. In fact he performs better in commercials. Puja Gupta as Luna had very little role and that too she had nothing much to do. The film could have been made without her also. Overall the performances of the film were good.

Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK the two minds behind this experiment have been successful in their experiment. Their direction was perfect and it was no less than any other Hollywood film, as the concept is not Indian comparisons are bound to happen. Along with Sita Menon their Story and Screenplay was equally good. The film was bit predictable at places but still you enjoy whatever is happening on the screen. Dialogues of Sita Menon and Kunal Khemu were apt to the film and one of the best parts of the film. Dialogues of the film are just outstanding. Dan MacArthur and Lukasz Pruchnik Cinematography was too good. Most of the film is shot in the forest or beech there are some very nice visually appealing scenes. Editing by Arindam Ghatak was to the point. Right amount of scenes and of right time.

The music of the film is composed by the duo of Sachin-Jigar. The lyrics are penned by Priya Panchal and Amitabh Bhattacharya, and songs feature the voices of Jigar Saraiya, Talia Bentson, Sachin Sanghvi, Priya Panchal and Shreya Ghoshal. Four songs in the album. The album is quite good. Songs have very well supported the film. Most of them are being played in the background but you enjoy them. The album is energetic and the songs will loved by it’s target audience. The music of the film is good.

Go Goa Gone works for the sole reason of it’s new concept which is very appealing to the current generation. The makers have hit the right chord with this film. The film deserves one watch from each and every individual of gen next. Hats off to the makers of the film. This one is recommended.

Rating: 3.25/5


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