Gone are the times when Indian audience enjoyed only song and dance, typical commercial films. The films with new and fresh concept are being accepted by the same audience. Gippi is one such film, completely different from what Bollywood is defined as elsewhere.

Story of Gurpreet Kaur aka Gippi (Riya Vij). She is a normal school going teenager from Shimla who is unfortunately a child handled by a single parent. Gippi’s world includes her brother, mother (Divya Dutta) along with some of her school friends. She is a below average student who manages to clear her exams with just passing marks, not so good at sports but she loves to dance on Shammi Kapoor’s dance numbers and she thinks she is best at doing that. One day at her father’s engagement party she meets Arjun (Tahaa Shah) and starts liking him. She is under an impression that he even likes her just for a simple reason that they spend some quality time together. After being bullied by her school friends she decides to enroll for becoming the head girl of the school. In process of being head girl her attitude towards her brother, mother and some of her very close friends changes and she forgets that she is being pulled in such an scenario which she would never imagine. Finally Gippi decides to stay the way she like to, dance on Shammi Kapoor’s rocking numbers, eat as much she can, study less, no play and enjoy her sweet little world.

Riya Vij as Gippi is strictly average in the film. According to the character she was perfect but she needed to work lot more on her acting. Riya could have been better. Tahaa Shah as Arjun has quite a short role, but he manages to make his mark. He has done his part well even though he did not had much to do. Divya Dutta as Gippi’s mother is good. This is something different and Divya could have done much better but she fails to reach to that level what she is capable of doing. The other characters that include Gippi’s classmates and friends have their jobs very well especially her best friend and her rival. Overall the performances of the film were average but they could have been much better.

Sonam Nair has selected a very fresh concept and managed to win your hearts. Sonam’s story was good but there was much more which could have been done to the story and make it better. Screenplay of the film was strictly average. The characters are very well worked upon but the incidents in the film are very ordinary, quite predictable. Screenplay could have been much better. Dialogues by Sonam were very apt, especially the conversations between Gippi and her brother and with her school friends. Today’s teen are definitely going to say this is our language. Sonam’s direction is good. Anshuman Mahaley’s Cinematography is very ordinary. He has managed to get some beautiful locations of Shimla that’s it. Yashwini’s editing could have been better. Initially the film finds it difficult to keep you engaged but as it proceeds it keeps you entartained. Music by Vishal and Shekhar was completely their type of music. Music had no important part to play in the film but the songs of the film are quite good.

Gippi is a good concept but had it been made with little extra effort the film could have been much better. Some of the school sequences seems to be like very fake and not easy to relate but then it’s Karan Johar’s productions, it had to be larger than life. The part of Gippi’s father getting married for the second time was not justified properly, and that somewhere spoiled Divya Dutta’s performance. The best part in the entire film are the Shammi Kapoor’s superhit songs which are beautifullt incorporated in the film. On the whole if you are a film lover and always like to see something new in Hindi films go for this one just for the decent attempt made by the Sonam Nair, if you are in a mood to watch some commercial masala film better skip this one.

Rating: 2.5/5


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