Indian Cinema completes 100 years and as a tribute to Indian Cinema four directors of diverse genre have come together to make one film. Bombay Talkies is not first of it’s kind, earlier there have been films like Salaam-e-Ishq, Dus Kahaaniyaan, David with multiple stories in one film. This one stands out from all of these. Bombay Talkies gives you chance to emote as many emotions as you can by this film.

Karan Johar: Story of Rani Mukerji, Randeep Hooda and Saquib Saleem. Rani and Randeep are happily living their married life, untill Saquib comes in their life and changes everything in their respective lives. The film surprises you for the sole reason that a film on such topic is made by Karan Johar. People who never appreciated his work will start loving him after this film. Only problem was time, had the film been little longer the director could have managed to do a much better job than what he did. Performances in the film were good especially Saquib was outstanding in the film. Overall a very good film.

Dibakar Banerjee: Story of Nawazuddin, a poor guy who one day goes in search of a job and by the time he reaches somebody else has already got that job. On his way back home he comes across a film shooting and to his surprise he is given a short role in the film. His daughter waiting for a good story from her dad gets to hear the story of lifetime. The best story of the film. Very simple concept which is executed exceptionally well and the performance of Nawazuddin  take this story to an altogether different level. Just one word to describe this story OUTSTANDING!!!

Zoya Akhtar: Story of Naman Jain who is bound to do those things which his parents want and not him. He aspires to become a dancer but his father wants him become a sports person. The story gives a good lesson to everybody about believing in your aspirations. Naman Jain has done a fantastic job and his Sheela Ki Jawaani performance makes you clap and whistle. Naman’s performance is worth applauding. Simple and good story but it’s abrupt ending makes you think about the story.

Anurag Kashyap: Story of a simple man whose father is ill and his last wish is that his son should to go to Mr. Bachchan and make him taste the murabba. It’s the story of the difficult time, that man has to go through to meet Mr. Bachchan. Again a simple story beautifully executed. The lead actor of this story is the backbone of the story. It’s all about him in the entire film. The story has many songs playing in the background but they just make the story look better. As usual good job by Anurag Kashyap.

Amit Trivedi has composed some beautiful tracks for the film. Bachchan and both the versions of Murabba come in the Anurag Kashyap story. All these songs are beautifully composed. Akkad Bakkad sung by Mohit Chauhan is just a enjoyable number which plays during the opening credits. Bombay Talkies title track sung by various artists is a visual treat. Good to see so many stars from the industry in one frame. Overall the music of the film is good.

Bombay Talkies works for one big reason that all the stories in the film are easily to relate. This film makes you laugh, cry, enjoy, feel happy, surprise you and possible things one can do. The film is a perfect blend of four different stories beautifully put up together as one film. Cinema lovers this is a must watch for you and others this is not to be missed for the effort of these directors and a chance to watch diverse stories compiled in one beautiful film.

Rating: 3.5/5


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