Ashutosh Rana debuts in a Marathi movie Yeda. His presence in a Marathi film is enough to grab audience attention. Yeda as the name suggest is one psychological thriller. The movie has heavily banked upon the fact that Ashutosh Rana is doing a marathi movie. The makers have played it safe by making him do what he is best at doing.

Story of Appa Kulkarni (Ashutosh Rana) who is mad, he does not let live his wife Kishori Shahne peacefully. The only reason of him being nice to his son Unmesh (Aniket Vishvasrao) is the fact that he is a guy and that he will get a good dowry post his marriage. Unmeash loves Pradnya (Pradnya Shastri). Just to live a carefree life Unmeash and Pradnya run away and get married. Pradnya’s parents Narvekar (Satish Pulekar) and Sadhana (Reema Lagoo) are upset with Pradnya’s decision. Appa gets angry and kills his son, then his wife and wants to kill Pradnya as well because she is pregnant and Appa does not want his generation to move ahead. Unfortunately Pradnya dies during delivering her baby. Now Appa is behind his Grandson and wants to kill him, for that he his constantly troubling Narvekar and Sadhana. What all the attempts are made by Appa to kill his grandson and do Narvekar and Sadhana live a peacefull life is what Yeda all about.

Ashutosh Rana as Appa is good. The biggest drawback of his character in this film is that this role is just an extension of what he played in Sangharsh. No doubt he did a good job but nothing new from him. The other actors: Reema Lagoo, Kishori Shahne, Aniket Vishvasrao, Satish Pulekar and Pradnya Shastri are very normal. They played their respective parts quite well. None of them had something different to do. In fact their performances were like the daily soap stuff. The performances in the film are average.

Kishore Pandurang Belekar the man behind Yeda has played it safe. His Story and Screenplay was very normal. It was somewhat like an aspiring filmmaker making his short film or feature film to submit in his institute. His dialogues were quite normal but some of them were quite bold. His direction was the saving grace of the film. He has handled a simple concept very carefully. The story being so simple he managed to keep the audience engaged throughout the film. The film is difficult to predict inspite of the story being very cliched. The editing of the film was quite good. The way film goes back into flashback is very well shown and it makes you think once the flashback starts. There was no music as such in the film . The background score was normal. It was perfect according to a thriller film.

Yeda can be watched once just for it’s beautiful execution of a simple story and most importantly not making you feel bored at any point of time. It can also be watched for the attempt made by Ashutosh Rana to do something in Marathi, ignoring the fact that he is good at doing such stuff and he has done it earlier. Good attempt made by Kishore Pandurang Belekar.



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