Marathi films are always made on new and different concept. There are very less commercial, masala entertainers in Marathi compared to the other films. Touring Talkies is one such film made on a new concept, but that’s it about the film, it falls flat on its face when it came to execution of this brilliant concept. Touring Talkies deals with the old cinema experience where the films use to be shown in tents. The concept now has almost vanished but the film tried to bring this concept on screen but fails to create a good impact.

Chandi (Trupti Bhoir) own’s a cinema tent. She is very happy with her life, no worries nothing, she lives a comfortable life according to her. One day her father loses everything to Milid Shinde in gamble including the cinema tent which the source of earning for the family. Chandi has six months with her to save her cinema tent and live a care free life. She meets Avinash (Subodh Bhave) who is conned by Milind where they had a deal of screening Avinash’s film in Milind’s cinema tent. Chandi grabs the opportunity and agrees to screen Avinash’s film in her tent. Then how Chandi manages to get back her life which she loves the most from Milind’s trap is what Touring Talkies all about.

Trupti Bhoir as Chandi is very good. Her portrayal of tomboy in a rural backdrop is perfect. Trupti is the scene stellar in the entire movie. Sibodh Bhave as Avinash, an aspiring filmmaker is very ordinary. His performance in this film is like his performance in any other film. Kishor Kadam as Raja Rangeela did not have mush to do, inshort this talented actor was wasted by making him do a stupid role. Milind Shinde was again repetitive in his performance. He proves that apart from negative character he can’t do anything else. Chinmay Sant as Bhabya was good but he did no have much to do. Neha Pendse as Sonu has a short role but she create an impact from her performance. Overall performances of Touring Talkies are below average.

Gajendra Ahire’s direction was very average. There was lot’s which he could do with such an innovative script but he didn’t and it affected the film. Trupti Bhoir’s concept was good on paper but it could not come as a great thing on screen. Gajendra Ahire’s screenplay was very weak. The concept of Touring Talkies mite be relevant in current generation in the remote area of Maharashtra but why would an art filmmaker bring his film to such place where only commercial cinema works. Ballu Saluja’s editing was the saving grace of the film. Few scenes here and there and it could have spoiled the film. Iliyaraja’s music and background score of the film was turn off. Not a single song song in the film which goes with the theme of the film. An English song playing in the background of a marathi film which is set in remote area of Maharashtra is definitely going to look bad. The background score had a touch of western feel to it which does not work in favour of the film.

Touring Talkies is a good story wasted. There were lot’s of things to do but sadly there was nothing new to see. The film is very flat, no surprising elements in the film at all. The film starts and ends on a same note. Good actors like Subodh Bhave and Kishor Kadam are wasted. Brilliant music diretor Iliyara is disappointing. Better to stay away from this touring talkies and watch some other film in a cozy multiplex.

Rating: 2/5


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