Action has always found some takers in Bollywood. This genre have always been a safe try but it’s high time now one should think of something new, Bollywood is opening new pages in cinema with some meaningful cinema. Commando is a normal action flick.

Karanvir Singh Dogra (Vidyut Jamwal) is a commando of Indian Army whose lane cashes into China during a normal routine helicopter training. He is tortured is China jail but being a commando Karanvir opts for being honest and bears the torture for no reason. After one year he manages to escape form jail and meets Simrit Kaur (Pooja Chopra) at a bus stand and saves her from local goons. Simrit ran away from her home because she didn’t want to get married to Amrit Kanwal AK (Jaideep Ahlawat) who is a bad guy born on black day according to hindu calender (amavas ki raat). Throughout the movie Karanvir and Simrit are escaping from Amrit and Amrit is trying very hard to find both of them. That’s all the makers of the movie have for its audience. A cat and mouse play. Finally the villain dies in the end and Karanvir and Simrit live happily everafter.

Vidyut Jamwal as Karanvir Singh Dogra who impressed us in Force is very dull in the movie. He has a very good physique but his acting skills are bad. He should concentrate more on acing because there can be only one John Abraham. Pooja Chopra as Simrit Kaur is bad. The winner of a beauty pageant needs to work very hard on her acting. The entire movie she tried to copy Kareena’s character from Jab We Met and fell flat on her face, again there can be only one Katrina Kaif in the industry. Jaideep Ahlawat as Amrit Kanwal was the only decent performer in the movie. But again he was in a negative role like his earlier films. Overall the performances of the film are not worth appraising.

Dilip Ghosh did nothing in the movie as a director. The entire movie all the character are just running around the jungle. Direction was bad. Story and Screenplay by Ritesh Shah was very bad. The story was very weak and the screenplay was very bad. The protagonist being commando, there was not a single scene in the entire movie which justified the character of the protagonist. Editing by Amitabh Shukla was average. Unnecessary songs spoil the pace of the film and each and every song in the film seems to be forcefully added in the film. Cinematographer Sejal Shah played safe. Showing beautiful locations of North India is old in Bollywood and most of the film is in jungle so no point praising the cinematography. Action of the film on which the makers banked upon is way below mark. The movie fails to engage you so badly that even a good action scene goes unnoticed and there are no such breathtaking or out of the box action sequences. Dialogues of the film are very bad. Each and every line of the film is outdated and the bad punches don’t even manage to bring a small smile on your face.

Music by Mannan Shah is bad. All the songs Lutt Jawaan, Sawan Bairi, Lena Dena and Mungda are bad and don’t even feel good to hear. Sawaan Bairi is below average. Mungda has some Marathi lyric which just makes you think why Marathi in hilly area of North. Lutt Jawaan and Lena Dena are typical Punjabi Ahuun Ahuun types songs. The music of commando is very bad.

Commando is a normal action flick. The film has nothing exceptional to offer you. The film fails to engage you right from the start. Apart from roaming in jungle nothing else happens in the movie. Commando is sheer waste of time and money. If you are impressed by Vidyut Jamwal’s physique from the trailers, the movie can be bearable else better stay away from this Commando.



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