The title Nautanki Saala and Ayushmann Khurana are enough to bring the audience to the cinema halls. The film gained tremendous popularity from its huge promotions and the film was successful in targeting its audience and it also managed to live up to the audience’s expectations.

RP, Ram Parmar (Ayushmann Khurana) is a very successful theatre actor and director. One day when he is about to meet his girlfriend, Chitra (Gayelen Mendonca), he finds Mandar Lele (Kunal Roy Kapoor) committing suicide.  Ram saves him and gives him a reason to live. He tries to find out the reason behind Mandar’s depression. During all this he falls in love with Nandini (Pooja Salvi), Mandar’s girlfriend. How Ram manages these situations that have risen because of him and how everything is sorted between all the characters of the film is what needs to be watched in Nautanki Saala.

Ayushmann Khurana is back after his super successful debut in Vicky Donor. Ayushmann as Ram was quite the same as the character in his first film. He does impress the audience by his charm and good acting but the elements he had as an actor in his previous film were a tad bit missing. Kunal Roy Kapoor as Mandar was very good. Again, this was his second movie but he was different in this as compared to Delhi Belly. He manages to make you laugh by his stupid mannerism. The ladies in the film Pooja Salvi, Gaylen Mendonca and Evelyn Sharma are just eye candies in the film. No doubt they did their jobs right and perfectly but the main performers of the film were Kunal and Ayushmann.

Rohan Sippy has maintained his style of direction which is very sober, does not contain too many ups and downs and mainly concentrates on just one half of the film. There is no second opinion about his direction but it is high time he brings some innovation is his direction. The film is an adaptation of a book, so the modifed screenplay and dialogue by Rohan Sippy, Nipun Dharmadhikari and Charudutta Acharya could have been better. The screenplay was a little weak and it could have been better. Same with the dialogues, they were quite ordinary. Cinematography by Manoj Lobo was quite impressive. He has managed to bring the authentic theatre feel on screen very well. Editing by Arif Sheikh was just to the point. Some extra scenes could have spoiled the film.

Music works as the biggest factor which is in favour of the film. Mikey McCleary has done a ffabulous job. All the songs of the film are very good. Two old numbers Dhak Dhak and So Gaya Ye Jahan have been very well recreated. Out of the rest, the other songs that are just superb are Mera Mann, Saddi Galli. Overall the album of the film is just outstanding. All the songs have been very well incorporated in the film.

Nautanki Saala just manages to live up to the expectations because of Ayushmann Khurana and the amazing music. The film is somewhat mediocre due to its weak screenplay and average direction. Ayushmann will pull the audience to the cinema halls but the film might struggle to retain its position at the Box Office. Watch it to spend the weekend nicely.

Rating: 2.75/5


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