Remakes have been a safe play for Bollywood. Remakes like Don and Agneepath worked whereas remakes like Umrao Jaan and RGV Ki Aag failed to create an impact. Sajid Khan who always came up with mindless comedies this time has tried to remake his favorite film Himmatwala and failed miserably. His overconfidence about the film becoming one of the biggest blockbuster of the year and a movie that can be enjoyed with the entire family are all going to go waste. The film can be enjoyed with the family but it has no scope of even entering the list biggest blockbuster of the year.

It’s pointless to discuss the story of Himmatwala as it is a remake. The film is about Ravi (Ajay Devgn) who comes to his village (reason not specified). There from his mother (Zarina Wahab) and his sister (Leena Jumani) he comes to know his family background. How his father was conned and killed by Sarpanch of the village Sher Singh (Mahesh Manjrekar) and then Ravi decides to take the revenge of his father and give long lost happiness to his fellow villagers with help of Rekha (Tamannah) Sher Sing’s daughter. Most of the story is same as the original only one miniscule twist which did not affect the story much nor did it help this one making better from the original one.

Ajay Devgn as Ravi was ordinary. He tried to do his way but that was not enough for such film which has already set some standards to everyone associated with this film. Ajay who manages to create an impact and win audiences heart with complete commercial cinema failed to do so with this one because the film itself makes his performance avoidable. It’s not Ajay’s mistake it’s the film who was unfair to Ajay’s performance. Makers of the film banked upon Tamannah’s beauty and they were quite successful. As Rekha Tamanah is beautiful and did some decent job but again the same thing with her as Ajay. The film does not give you a chance to notice this new girl’s performance. The supporting cast which includes Mahesh Manjrekar, Zarina Wahab, Adhyayan Suman and Leena Jumani were below average. The only good performer in the movie was Paresh Rawal as (Narayandas). His accent and his body language make you laugh whenever he is on screen. Overall, it’s better not to talk about performances in the movie except Paresh Rawal.

Director Sajid Khan is loosing his charm. Most of the scenes in the film are directed similarly they were in the original one. Same camera angles not a single innovation in any shot, as a director Sajid was disappointing. The film is written by Sajid Khan and he has gone wrong here also. Only one small twist and changing some incidents from the original one made the film even more worse. It’s better not to name the other technicians. Screenplay was pathetic. The screenplay had no work at all as every character was ditto from the original one. Editing was bad. Post interval there comes a point where you feel like leaving the theatre because you have no patience left to bear this torture. Dialogues of Paresh Rawal ere only good. His one liners make you laugh, that’s it. Remaining dialogues, they tried to do it 80′s style but could not manage to do so. Cinematography was not good at all. During the Tiger sequence there comes (Created by CG) on screen so no point mentioning this much hyped sequences.

Music which could have been better considering the composer’s Sajid Wajid work, but that too is not up to the mark. Two songs Naino Mein Sapna and Taki O Taki are from the original one. Tune and all is the same only the words are different but the audience will forget them once these songs become old. Dhoka remind you of Pritam Pyare from Rowdy Rathore so no creativity in this one. Bum Pe Latt is worse than any Nursery Rhyme, giving this song tune similar to Nursery Rhyme has just made the song more worse. Guest composer Sachin Jigar who composed Thank God It’s Friday reminds you of Hineymoon Ki Raat from The Dirty Picture. So basically the music like the story of the film had no creativity. Music was bad.

On the whole even if you have lots of himmat to bear any kind of nonsense, mindless film or for that mater any sort of torture kindly stay away from this Himmatwala. The makers of this film should understand that good commercial cinema like Yamla Pagla Deewana, Rowdy Rathore, Dabangg, Singham etc work, for that matter even Sajid’s earlier movies Heyy Babyy and Housefull worked at the Box Office. Anything made on the name of commercial entertainer won’t be enjoyed by the audience. It’s high time that such film makers should understand that the thin line between commercial cinema and art cinema has started to fade away. Films like Vicky Donor and Kahaani which would be considered art cinema then are working today and audience is liking it. Himmatwala makers should have understood that it’s 2013 and not 1983. Better watch Jeetendra-Sridevi Himmatwala this weekend on DVD and stay away from theatres where the new Himmatwala is playing.
# 1/2 star extra only for Paresh Rawal’s performance.

Rating: 1.5/5


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