When you see Sachin Khedekar and Mahesh Manjrekar on the poster of marathi movie the first thought that comes to your mind that the movie will be serious drama and undoubtedly it will be a good movie. This pair has always given some good cinema to the industry. This time Mahesh Manjrekar is an actor and not a director. The title of the film Aajcha Divas Majha(ADM) (Today Is Mine) make you think what the film will be all about. The curiosity created by the poster didn’t live up to the expectation nor did it disappoint you.

ADM revolves around the main protagonist of the film Sachin Khedekar who essays the role of an honest chief minister Vishvasrao Mohite. The film begins with Vishvasrao still retaining the CM’s position which was suppose to go to somebody else. Everyone around him right from his wife to his secretary is very happy about his victory. One day he is invited to a marriage. There the father of Groom is introducing him to the special guests at the marriage. All of them sitting in a row stands up in respect to CM except one man. CM does not like this, he is angry and does not find it important to know about this gentleman. He find’s that man to be mannerless. Very next moment he comes to know that the gentleman is blind, that’s the reason he did not stand to respect CM as he had no clue what is happening. CM is very guilty about his thinking towards this gentleman and finds it difficult to digest the fact that he behaved in such a way to a fellow citizen of the State. In that meeting the gentleman requests for a shelter ( a home in the city). What all the tactics CM apply and how he manages to get that gentleman a house in one night and how many people suffer due to this behaviour of CM is the story of ADM.

Sachin Khedekar has always made his performance remarkable is every single film, be it a lead role or any supporting role or for that matter even a cameo. In this film also he proved what caliber this man man has got. Amazing performance. Mahesh Manjrekar in an important but comparatively short role is good. He barely acts is films and whenever he acts he proves that he is as good in acting as in directing. The supporting cast which includes Ashvini Bhave, Leena Bhagwat, Suhas Paranjpe, Anand Ingle, Pushkar Shrotri, Hrishikesh Joshi etc did a good job. Performances in the film were very good.

Chandrakant Kulkarni after directing a hit like Tukaram is back on the directors seat. Simple but new concept, very well executed. Direction was god. Writing of Ajit and Prashant Dalvi was very good. Something new and innovative in Marathi cinema. Editing was perfect. Many scenes which initially give you the feeling of being not so important but they are required to make the film bit different from others. The one where CM’s secretary is talking to his son over the phone, their conversation take that scene to a different level. Dialogues are ordinary and according to the premise of the film. Rajen Kothari the DOP of the film needs to be praised. In such film there is no scope of flaunting one’s cinematography skills, but here Rajen Kothari has done a beautiful job and made each and every scene look pretty. Music of the film is good and the song’s that play in the background go with the mood and feel of the film.

Aajcha Divas Majha is very well written film and executed with simplicity. No doubt Marathi Cinema always has different things to offer and this is one of them. Very good concept. The film beautifully show’s the life of CM and people around him, his secretary, his wife, his relatives etc. If you love watching good Marathi Cinema which has something new to offer this one is definitely for you. A Good Film.

Rating: 3/5


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