Horror has always remained a niche genre in Bollywood. Keshu Rramsay was a well known horror film maker. Post that Ram Gopar Varma and Vikram Bhatt tried their hand on horor and accquired decent sucess with films like Bhoot, Darna Mana Hai, Raaz, 1920. Aatma was dreaming of joining the league of this successful films but sadly it does not even have the potential to reach that level.

Aatma is about Maya Verma (Bipasha Basu) who loves her daughter Nia Verma (Doyle Dhawan) like anything. Maya is a divorcee and she has the custody of Nia. Her husband Abhay Verma (Nawazudin Siddhique) equally loves Nia. He can’t accept the fact that he has to stay away from Nia and unfortunately he meets with an accident after divorce. After that also his love for his daughter is unconditional and can’t see Nia in any sort of trouble or difficult situation. Whoever troubles or do something which Nia doesn’t like, Abhay kills that person be it her classsmate, her teacher, her neighbour etc etc. Maya comes to know that her daughter is in a big problem and tries to find solution. Solution is since Abhay is a ghost no ordinary or normal human being can destroy him. How Maya manages to save Nia from the horrifying trap of her father is what all Aatma about.

Bipasha Basu plays a doting mother Maya Verma. She is a good mother and loves her daughter a lot. Bipasha was very impressive in this one. In Aatma she was different from her other films. It won’t be wrong to say that one thing to be watch out for in this film is Bipasha’s performance. Nawazuddin Siddhique being the main lead of the film had less screen space than the supporting characters. Nawazuddin as Abhay Verma was disappointing. This is not what his caliber is, he has to do some good films. Nawazuddin lots is expected from you. The child artist Doyle Dhawan who played Nia was very good as far as a horror film is concerned. She was perfect in the emotions. Supporting cast which included Shernaz Patel, Darshan Jariwala, Jaideep Alhawat, Mohan Kapoor were good in their respective roles. Overall performances in Aatma were good.

Suparn Verma the man behind this Aatma has gone horribly wrong. His direction was bad. There is lots to experiment as a director on a horror film. Story and Screenplay written by him was full of loopholes. The story was very predictable. Throughout the film one can predict lot of things. The only good part about the film is that even though many incidents in the film are predictable you still wait for the climax. Dialogues are written by Suparn Verma. They are very ordinary. Editing by Hemal Kothari is one good thing in the film. The film is quite short. It’s just 95 minutes. No unnecessary scenes or songs. Cinematography by Sophie Winquist is good and worth praising. The special effects used in the film are excellent.The special effects of the film make the film look little better.

Sangit and Siddharth Haldipur have composed the music for Aatma. The film has only two songs. Aaja Nindiya and Aatma. They play when the credits are rolling. The music has little spooky feel but only during watching the film post that the songs are just avoidable. There are three more songs on the album but they are not that good. Overall music of Aatma is below average it is not what is expected from the music of a horror film.

Aatma fails miserably to scare you. Sometimes the audience end up laughing at a scary sequence. This film is bad than any horror soap opera. Good editing and very good cinematography is spoiled by the dialogue, story, screenplay and direction. The good performances also can’t help enough for the movie to sail smoothly at the Box Office. If you love any kind of horror stupid or serious and enjoy everything related to horror you van watch this film once else better stay away from this aatma which cant even scare you.

My Verdict:2/5


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