Bala is known for revolutionizing Tamil Cinema by making films on some very dark and realistic themes and he is back with his new venture Paradesi. This is one of those films that is set in the pre-independence period and is showing the picture of that time. But this one stands out and proves to be much more exceptional than all those other films. Bala as usual has lived up to the audiences expectations and he is a winner in all possible ways.

Paradesi is based on real life incidents. It is a story of those people who travel from one place to another in search of work and for improving their standard of living. And then, there are people who prey on these poor people by giving them false hopes and eventually taking them to a life which is not less than hell. The story revolves around the main protagonist Rasa (Adharvaa) who is neglected by the society. He is least bothered about what others feel or have to say about him. He and Angamma (Vedhicka) are in love with each other. Rasa wants to marry Vedhicka but Vedhicka’s family is against this marriage. One day Rasa has to go away from Vedhicka to work, to earn money and to try to improve his life. Rasa along with his fellow villagers starts working in a tea estate. Life is like a hell for everybody working in tea estates. How the people manage to live in such disturbing conditions and do Rasa and Vedhicka come together is what needs to be found out in the film.

Adharvaa as Rasa is perfect to the T. After doing films like Banna Kaathadi and Muppozhudhum Un Karpanaigal he has proved himself in Paradesi. One can clearly see his hard work and dedication on screen. Adharvaa was just outstanding. Vedhicka as Angamma was full of life, joy and fun. She impresses you in her very first scene itself. Her character has a good graph where she has to be immature and careless till the climax scene; there is a solid graphical change in her character and she has portrayed it perfectly. Like Adharvaa, Vedkicka too is outstanding. Other supporting cast has performed equally well. Overall the performances in Paradesi are worth applauding.

Director Bala like always is at his best and has taken each and every shot with perfection. It is very difficult to find any flaw in his direction. Every single shot was picture perfect. The film is written by Nanjilnadan and the writing is very strong leaving you with no chance of questioning anything. Screenplay by Bala just like his direction is also flawless. All the characters are very well written be it the smallest character, each and every character in the film is treated with equal importance like the main protagonists. Editing by Kishore Te. was crisp and to the point. There is just one sequence where the villagers are traveling for some 50 odd days that spoils the pace of the film up to some extent but that can be ignored. Cinematography by Chezhiyan was the biggest plus point of the film; every single frame of the film looks beautiful, realistic and breathtaking. Cinematography was superb.

Music by G.V.Prakash Kumar is again one plus point of the film. All the songs in the film go with the mood and pace of the film. Not one is unwanted or forcefully fitted in the film. All the songs are good to listen to. The album has a lot of variety in it. Apart from dancing numbers there are all sorts of songs which are melodious and good to hear.  The song played in the climax is simply outstanding with good vocals and awesome lyrics. The album of Paradesi is a perfect choice for your collection.

Paradesi is a masterpiece. It is flawless. It gives you a very nice and realistic view of pre-independence India. Topics such as Christianity, Britishers’ treatment of Indians and people’s opinion on Gandhi are beautifully integrated in the film. The film completes very beautifully and does not give you a chance to question any incident in the film. Overall Paradesi is a film which deals with hard hitting incidents from the pre-independence period. The film deserves to be watched by every single Indian. This one is robustly recommended. Try not to miss this one.

My Verdict: 4.75/5


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