Titles that describe movies’ plots are very rare and often such movies tend to be good as one knows what to expect from them. Such films have a typical audience and the makers are reassured that they will definitely get that audience. Mere Dad Ki Maruti (MDKM) is the third venture from Y-Films and they have maintained their style of making films, meaning them only for the youth. The movie is filled with fun and frolic.

Khullar’s are organising a marriage at their house. The entire family is busy with marriage preparations. Sameer (Saqib Saleem) is least bothered about his sister’s marriage and is enjoying his life. Sameer’s father (Ram Kapoor) has bought a brand new car, Maruti Ertiga for his daughter. Sameer wants the car but unfortunately he doesn’t get the car. One day in college he meets Jasleen (Rhea Chakraborty) who has just broken up with her boyfriend and asks Sameer to join her for a party. Thereafter, they keep on meeting on different occasions. One fine day he manages to lose the car and somehow has to get the car back or else even God won’t be able to save him from his father. How Sameer manages to get the car back along with his friend Gattu (Prabal Punjabi) and Jasleen and all the plans he makes to fool his father is what the movie is all about.

Saqib Saleem (of Mujhse Fraandship Karoge fame) as Sameer is portrayed as a boy next door who is living a carefree life. Saqib is a good actor and manages to look like a Punjabi boy perfectly. Rhea Chakraborty as Jasleen has made her debut with this film and is quite good. She is extra bubbly for this role, and does not look like a Punjabi at all. Yet she manages to impress you with her cuteness and simplicity. She needs to work a lot on her acting skills though. Ram Kapoor as Tej was the only good actor compared to the rest of the cast of the film. He was the typical Punjabi father with the perfect accent and perfect mannerisms. Supporting cast was also good. Ravi Kishen who had a short role seemed to be of no use. Such a role is not for him and he should do some meaningful roles. Any other actor could have fit in the Bhai’s role. Overall the performances were slightly above average.

Director Ashima Chibber has managed to deliver what her target audience wanted. Direction of the film was nothing extraordinary but extremely effective. Story by Shreyansh Agarwal seemed to be repetitive. There have already been many Bollywood films made on the subject of a car going missing. So there was nothing new in the story per se. Screenplay by Neeraj Udhwani, Pooja Desai and Ashima Chibber was average. It is said too many cooks spoil the soup- that’s the case with MDKM’s screenplay. The screenplay could have been slightly better. Cinematography by Adil Afsar was nothing great. He has captured Chandigarh quite normally. Dialogues of the film were typical Punjabi dialogues which have been heard many times in Bollywood films but here the integration of the regional twang with the story is amazing. Editing by Antara Lahiri was to the point. It was perfectly edited, no unnecessary scene or song.

Music of the film is by Sachin Gupta. All the songs in the film had a Punjabi flavour to it and it suited the film quite well. All the songs of the film Punjabiyaan Di Battrey, Main Senti Hoon, Haaey, Hip Hip Hurrah and Mere Dad Ki Maruti are good to hear and also good in film. The album of MDKM is good. The background score of the film was equally good and gives a good feel to the film.

MDKM is a fun ride. No doubt the plot of the film is close to Ferrari Ki Sawaari but the film is different. Sameer’s opinion about his father and yet his caring nature towards his family, Jasleen’s bold and beautiful attitude with a good heart and Tej’s hatred filled with love towards his son Sameer earns some brownie points to this film. This 100 minute film is colorful and filled with masti and pure entertainment. For good entertainment do watch this one and have a good and safe ride in Maruti. This one is absolutely recommended.

My verdict:3/5


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