Getting influenced by Hollywood films or TV series is not a new trend in Bollywood. The title of the film 3G itself sounds like some Hollywood film. When one sees such a film questions like why such films are made wasting time and money of both the makers as well as the audience crop up inevitably.

Sam (Neil Nitin Mukesh) joins his girlfriend Sheena (Sonal Chauhan) in Fiji and the moment both of them meet Sam drops his phone in the sea by mistake. He buys a new second hand 3G enabled phone for himself. After buying that phone problems start happening in Sam’s life. He starts seeing ghosts in every possible person be it his girlfriend or any other random person and sometimes also in food. Sheena is fed up of Sam’s such behaviour. Both of them figure out that the problem is all because of that phone and try to destroy it but the phone does not leave the couple and follows them. The couple also tries to change the hotels but that does not help them much. Post interval both of them try to find out the mystery behind the phone and meet different people who eventually lead them to finding everything about the phone.

Neil Nitin Mukesh as Sam is good in the role that requires him to have a dual personality and he has managed to perform reasonably well. When he is normal he is just like he is in any other film and when he gets possessed and starts talking like a ghost- those scenes are decent. Sonal Chauhan as Sheena is a total waste. The makers of the film have gone horribly wrong, if they thought just by showing Sonal Chauhan in a bikini is going to work for them. Her acting is simply avoidable. The supporting cast which includes Ashish Kapoor and Mrinalini Sharma as Mong and Chaima have very short role but both of them are better than Sonal Chauhan. Overall the performances of the film were between bad and decent, only Neil’s performance being decent.

Shreeshank and Shantanu set out to make a good film using a different concept but eventually went on to make a bad horror serial. Their direction was not up to the mark. The horror scenes in the film fail to scare you. Story might be good on paper but when it came to turning it into a film it was bad. Screenplay was weak. It seemed as if no work was done on the screenplay of the film. Cinematography of the film was the only saving grace of the film but again it fails as the story itself is very boring. Fiji is beautifully captured but the film is so bad that one is least concerned about the beautiful locations. It will be better not to mention the dialogues and the editing. Both of them were extremely ordinary.

Mithoon the music director the film was below average. Kaise Bataoon, Khalbali and Bulbulliya are all ordinary songs plagued by the heard-before factor. Mithoon has done some decent work in his earlier songs but here he is not up to the mark here. The songs are added in the film to make sure that the audience does not get bored but sadly everyone gets bored irrespective. Music of the film is not good at all.

3G is an exercise in boredom. Five minutes into the film and you are just waiting, not for the interval but for the film to get over. No doubt the post interval part of the film is slightly better but it does not help the film in anyway. 3G is somewhat like an Indian Horror TV series but again the TV shows were much better than the film. The film is slower than the speed of a 2G network so it would be safe to stay away from this 3G connection and enjoy the best possible features and apps on your own phone. This is not recommended. I would advise you to stay away from this phone and network.

My Verdict:1/5


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