I, Me Aur Main is a movie that tries to do something which is not Bollywood-style. Getting influenced by Hollywood and trying to make a romantic-comedy type of film is what I, Me Aur Main attempts to do. The trailers and songs of the film clarified the target audience of the film.

I, Me Aur Main is the story of Ishaan (John Abraham) who is a self-centred guy. He thinks too much about himself- thinks he is perfect and can never go wrong. He is very arrogant and wants the world to operate on his terms. He lives with his girlfriend Anushka (Chitrangada Singh) who is a successful woman and loves Ishaan so much that she bears with all his arrogance and selfish nature. She tries a lot to take their relationship to another level but Ishaan is simply not interested. She is also a very good friend of Shivani (Mini Mathur), Ishaan’s sister. One fine day, when Anushka is done with Ishaan she throws him out of her house. Ishaan finds a new house where he meets his new neighbour Gauri (Prachi Desai). She is modern, cool and knows how to handle Ishaan pretty well. Meanwhile, Ishaan’s mother (Zarina Wahab) comes to stay with Ishaan which he does not like. Ishaan and Gauri are becoming good friends and eventually as the story progresses end up falling in love. When all this is happening there comes news of Anushka being pregnant. She and Shivani try to tell Ishaan but he is busy with his new friend Gauri and when he comes to know he gets the shock of his life and gradually things start changing. Ishaan starts being responsible, Anushka decides to live alone because she doesn’t want to go through all the bad times again she had with Ishaan and Gauri moves on in her life and starts concentrating on her career while still keeping in touch with Ishaan. Such is the boring story of I, Me Aur Main and offers nothing new.

John Abraham as Ishaan is normal and extremely ordinary. No doubt this is something new and we have never seen John is such a role. Yet he has done this new type of role in his own style and made it look as if we have seen similar performances from John earlier. So John was good but repetitive. Chitrangada Singh as Anushka was average. Constantly she has been doing same type of roles. There is nothing new in her acting and she also has quite less screen space. Prachi Desai as Gauri was sweet. Here she was bold and beautiful. Again we have seen Prachi doing such stuff in her previous films. The supporting cast includes Mini Mathur, Zarina Wahab, Sameer Soni and Raima Sen. All of them were good in their respective roles especially Raima. Overall performances in the film were slightly above average.

Director Kapil Sharma tried something new in Bollywood. He knew his audience and accordingly he made his film. There is nothing new or exceptional in his direction and any other person would have dealt the same way with the film. Story and Screenplay was weak. As per the title the story revolves around John, and only his character is well written and executed in the film. All other characters are just skeletons with no meat. Dialogues are normal and what any other romantic comedy film has. Screenplay is again ordinary, not worth praising much. Editing of the film was average.

Music of the film is by Sachin-Jigar. The guest composers of the film are Saurabh Dasgupta and Falak. None of the songs in the film create any impact. Only the first and last song in the film which roll with beginning and ending credits- Cappucino and Na Jaane are noteworthy and good to hear and rest all the songs are completely avoidable.

I, Me Aur Main is made for the young generation and it will appeal only to them. If you are a John Abraham fan and like to see him on a big screen you are in for a treat. If not, it’s better to stay away from I, Me Aur Main. The urban audience might find the film worth watching but it’s not something that all will like. Neither I, nor Me or Main has any chance of making place in your heart or surviving at the Box Office.

My Verdict: 1.75/5


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