Murder franchise is back and this time it’s sans Emraan Hashmi for the first time. Murder is back with its third part and as usual audiences have high expectations from Vishesh Films. This time Murder is highly disappointing though. The film has failed at everything right from the appropriate casting to the story to the screenplay to the direction and surprisingly even music is a let-down. The film is a colossal disappointment overall which is catalyzed by the high standards set by Murder and Murder 2.

Murder 3 is about three people- Vikram (Randeep Hooda), Roshni (Aditi Rao Hydari) and Nisha (Sara Loren). Vikram and Roshni are happily spending the days of their life together. Roshni is a successful woman in Cape Town but just to be with Vikram she has to return back to India owing to his work. They search for a home which is far removed from the city. Roshni starts becoming possessive about Vikram and doubts him for every small thing. She comes to know about a secret pertaining to their house from the house owner and she tries to test Vikram. But because of a small mistake she herself gets trapped in her ploy and dies. Meanwhile, Vikram moves on in his life and meets Nisha, a waitress. They start living together and eventually fall in love. Vikram thinks Roshni is dead, however Nisha is aware of Roshini still being alive and in spite of that doesn’t help her because of the fear of losing Vikram. Eventually, Roshni finds the real side of Vikram and leaves him. The climax of the film is very abrupt. Film being a love story with some dose of suspense in it, all the three characters end up alone.

Randeep Hooda as Vikram plays a Fashion and Wildlife photographer. He is very ordinary in the film. It seems that he has not at all worked on his character. He does not have that spark in his acting which he usually has. Aditi Rao Hydari as Roshni is slightly better as compared to the entire cast. She was convincing as a typical girlfriend but again she is also capable of doing better. Sara Loren was very bland. She had absolutely nothing to do in the film. Her role was very easy and could have been done by any other actress. In the supporting cast, Rajesh Shringarpure who has very little screen time was like a waste. His character hardly had anything to do with the main story of the film. Overall the performances in the film were just ordinary and it won’t be wrong to say Bad.

Music has always been the strong point in all the films by Vishesh Films. But this time it is completely opposite. Teri Jhuki Nazar, Mat Aazma Re, Hum Jee Lenge and Jaata Hai Tujh Tak– all the songs are just forgettable. Even when these songs come in the film they are barely noticeable because there are many things happening on the screen which seem to be more important than the song playing. Pritam was a huge disappointment as far as the music of the film is concerned. He has done some beautiful work in his earlier films. The music of the film on the whole was strictly below average.

First time director, Vishesh Bhatt had a very good opportunity which has been wasted. His direction was very mediocre. Right from Scene One till the end there is not a single scene where one feels like saying- “nice direction”. Some parts of the film are like a TV reality show where there is zero creativity. The direction could have been much much much better. Story and screenplay of the film were also very weak. Generally Vishesh Films do not have a great story but they do manage to entertain their audiences but here they have failed miserably. Cinematography was average. Most of the film is shot in the house and very few scenes have been shot in the outdoors. Dialogues had no power in them. To add to these issues, Editing spoilt the film further. Almost half of the film seems to be useless, waste.

Murder 3 has a pathetic first half. It’s an exercise in boredom. Second half does have some substance but there is nothing so exciting or creative. As mentioned earlier it is somewhat like a TV reality show. The trick used by Roshni in the film is very lame. One may find it very difficult to relate to this film. Despite trying very hard to keep the audience engaged it fails to impress. Overall the film is good enough to be avoided and never be watched. Still the curious and the lovers of the films made under the banner of Vishesh Films can be watch it once. But that too just for the bearable second half and in a movie hall where tickets are extremely cheap. This one is not recommended one bit.

My Verdict : 1.5/5


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