ABCD Any Body Can Dance

The first Hindi 3D dance film is out. UTV Spotboy came up with this new type of film for the first time in Hindi Cinema. Dance alone was never a subject in Bollywood, it was always used as a support in films. For the first time ever Remo D’Souza has come up with something new and made a very good attempt in giving Bollywood a new dimension and also substantially succeeded in the attempt.

The film starts off with a dance competition, Dance Dil Se where Jehangir Khan’s (Kay Kay Menon) Jehangir Dance Company (JDC) wins the competition not because of the talent they have or they deserved to win but because of a play of politics. The main choreographer of JDC, Vishnu (Prabhudeva) quits JDC as a new choreographer is appointed in the company. Vishnu is shattered and has lost everything. He meets his friend Gopi (Ganesh Acharya). Gopi tries very hard to console Vishnu and make him realize that dance is everything for him but Vishnu is in no mood to teach dance. Then he finds a group of talented dancers in Gopi’s area during Ganpati Visarjan and he realizes that the kids have spark in them. The kids he has found are already divided into two gangs and can’t stand each other. Then Vishnu trains one group and the other one is automatically is impressed by Vishnu and starts learning dance from him. All of them learn dance and live like friends but then differences start cropping up between both the groups. But then life is not a cakewalk there are many difficulties in life which one has to go through. They learn dance with dedication, participate in the competition and perform well but their experiences, gains and losses in order to achieve all that they do is what the film is about.

Prabhudeva as Vishnu is a very wrong casting done for the film. No doubt Prabhudeva is a very good dancer and the role he plays is that of a dance teacher but apart from that he is just below average. He is good in emotional scenes but his dialogue delivery is really bad. People are bound to make fun of his dialogues while watching the film. Kay Kay Menon as Jehangir Khan is just outstanding. Even though he doesn’t have much screen time, he gets ample opportunities to prove his acting talent, not that he needs to, and he just blows your mind. Ganesh Acharya as Gopi is very good. He does not have that substantial a role but whatever he has done in the film is impressive. The rest of the cast includes all other dancers which are good and have done justice to their roles to a large extent. Since the film is based on dance, performances didn’t matter here all that much. But when it comes to dance everybody is just superbly outstanding.

Remo D’souza is back as a director after his decent attempt F.A.L.T.U. Since this was his zone completely he was bound to be perfect. But still first half of the film was not very clear. As a director Remo was good and did live up to the expectations which he created after his last film. Overall the direction of the film was good. Since the film is about dance, choreography needs a special mention. Along with Remo, his choreography team has done a fabulous job. Lots of variety in dance and no dance form is left unused. Story by Remo is very ordinary and what is usually expected from a dance film. Screenplay by Tushar Hiranandani and dialogues by Amit Aryan and Mayur Puri are very ordinary. Cinematography by Vijay Kumar Arora is very good each and every frame is good to see even though there is no foreign location used. The cinematographer has made the not so good part of Mumbai (not South-Mumbai!) also look very nice. Editing of the film could have been better as far as first part of the film is concerned.

Music of the film is by Sachin Jigar. All the songs of the film Shambhu Sutaya, Bezubaan, Psycho Re, Kar Ja Re Ya Mar Ja Re, Duhaai, Sorry Sorry, Mann Basiyo, Ga Ga Ganpati are nice and fit the film very well. Most of the songs have a western touch to it depending upon the dance forms shown in the film. All the songs go with the flow of the film. Having said that, none of the songs have the potential to make it to the top of the music charts but they are good to hear and watch in the film. Overall the music of the film is good.

Overall ABCD is good. The first half is dull compared to the second half because till the interval you are clueless why all these people are even dancing and why is Vishnu taking so much trouble to teach them, what is his motive but then second half fills in the gaps and just stuns you by variety of dance forms. The climax of the film is just outstanding even though it is abrupt and leaves you thinking what happened about the competition you still sit and watch ending credits roll by accompanied with the song Psycho Re. If you love dance you are in for a treat and this movie is not to be missed by you and even if you are not too much of a dance lover watch this film for good clean entertainment.

My Verdict:3/5


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