Race was so entertaining and was totally a signature Abbas-Mustan entertainer. In case of Race 2, being the sequel of Race created massive expectations from it which Race 2 lives up to a great extent. These expectations will definitely help the film get good Box Office collections. As far as the overall film is concerned it’s on the same lines as the prequel. Still it manages to live up to your expectations.

Race 2 starts with some very stylish way of opening credits. The film in the very beginning describes all the new characters i.e. Armaan Malik (John Abraham), Elena (Deepika Padukone) and Omisha (Jacqueline Fernandez) and how all three of them are related to each other. Robert D’costa (Anil Kapoor) introduces all these characters and also the main player of the race, Ranveer Singh (Saif Ali Khan). After spending a good amount of time establishing all the main characters of the film the main story starts- as in what exactly all these players of this Race are up to. The story is simple; Ranveer is out to take revenge for his love Soniya’s (Bipasha Basu) death. Soniya is dead because she double crosses Armaan and Armaan is characterized by the habit of always winning- he hates to lose. Ranveer makes a plan to destroy Armaan not by just killing him, but by bringing him back on the road, by making him loose everything he has. Elena being Armaan’s step sister is fifty percent owner of everything Armaan has and he is not at all fine with this. When Elena realizes that Armaan is trying to kill her she also decides to team up with Ranveer. Meanwhile, Omisha shows as if she is helping Ranveer but she is back-stabbing him. In the midst of all this, Robert D’costa and Cherry (Amisha Patel) are with both Armaan as well as Ranveer because one has lots of money and  the other is smart. Who will Robert help? Will Armaan succeed in his plan or will he have to start back boxing to earn his livelihood? Or as always, Ranveer, the oldest and smartest player of Race will win everything back?

Saif Ali Khan as Ranveer is stylish, smart just like he was in Race. Being one of the older members of the film he is still in the character of a smart man and has done his job pretty well. Nothing extraordinary but good. John Abraham as Armaan is very ordinary. Whatever he has done in Race 2 has been seen before. Same sort of expressions, same sort of dialogue delivery. John is very bland in the film. Anil Kapoor is good, but not as good as he was in Race. The spark he had as Robert in Race is somewhere missing in this one. Deepika Padukone has tried her level best to show her acting skills as she did in her last film Cocktail as Veronica but she hardly gets any chance in the film to show her versatility. Jacqueline Fernandez is very ordinary. She has done some sport stuff like archery and all but she is again very ordinary. Ameesha Patel in her supporting just goes unnoticed as she barely has anything to do in the film. She manages to do what Sameera Reddy did in Race and was quite successful but overall she was simply average. On an average, the performances of the film were not up to the mark. Saif and Anil were slightly better than others but overall the performances were below the mark.

Director duo Abbas-Mustan stuck to their style and made a film in their own unique way. The film was typical of them, shooting in foreign locations, out of the box suspense, and most importantly surprising the audience with their direction along with keeping them entertained and glued to their seats throughout the film. Direction was good and the director duo didn’t disappoint at all. Shiraz Ahmed, the story and screenplay writer of the film didn’t do anything unique and just stuck to the basic format of the earlier film. Story and Screenplay is average. Lot was expected from Race 2 after a fantastic story of Race. Cinematographer Ravi Yadav was good and captured the picturesque locations very beautifully. Even though it was not a visual treat it was good. Dialogues of the film were very ordinary again on the same lines of Race. Salim Sulaiman’s background score also didn’t have anything new to offer. The action in the film is good. It is the normal Abbas Mustan style action. Peter Heins did a very good job as far as action in the film is concerned.

Pritam did a fabulous job in Race but in Race 2 he was not that good. The film has four tracks. Party On My Mind is a good party track and fits the film very well. Even though this song has to struggle a lot to be the listener’s favorite or top the music charts the song goes well with the film. Beintehaan is a good romantic number sung by Atif Aslam and Sunidhi Chauhan but the song is wasted in the film. This song distracts you in the film as it comes at a very wrong time. Even if the song wouldn’t have been there in the film it wouldn’t have made any difference to the film. The song is good to hear but bad in film. Lat Lag Gayee is a good dance number with a nice signature step sung by Benny Dayal and Shalmali Kholgade. The song is good. Allah Duhai is good and comes at the appropriate time in the film. It is also good to hear. The Mash Up comes when the ending credits roll. Overall the music of Race 2 is average.

Race 2 is almost on the same lines of Race so when you are watching the film there are many incidents where you recall Race and start predicting things with sharp accuracy because most of the things have already been seen. Yet Race 2 manages to engage you throughout the film, all thanks to the director duo. Most importantly the climax of the film fails to reach the climax of Race. Nonetheless, if you have liked Abbas Mustan’s earlier work you won’t be disappointed. Go watch this one to have a good weekend.

My Verdict: 2.75/5


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