No big name, yet some expectations from a movie happens rarely. Inkaar is one such movie. All the three names related to this film Arjun Rampal, Chitrangada Singh and Sudhir Mishra are not big enough to pull audience to the theaters, no doubt Sudhir Mishra directed some very good films like Hazaaron Khwashien Aisi, Chameli, Yeh Saali Zindagi etc but this movie definitely has something to offer to it’s viewers. Topic like sexual harassment at workplace is relevant and can be easily related to in today’s times. Inkaar is one such film which discuss this topic.

The film starts bang on with what is shown in promos and what the viewers expect, Maya Luthra (Chitrangada Singh) accuses her CEO Rahul Verma (Arjun Rampal) for sexually harassing her. The film goes in flashback lot’s of time. Maya and Rahul meet in a award function where Maya’s team lost the award which is won by Rahul’s agency. Then Maya joining the same agency where Rahul works. Both of them work together on different projects. They enjoy each others company. Maya loves Rahul but she doesn’t know whether he loves her or not. Then suddenly there are problems between both of them. Rahul tries to guide Maya but she just needs success which she is getting and avoids Rahuls advices. The film is shown in three days, what all happens in these three days, how both Maya and Rahul explain their side and try to convince both of them are innocent, is what all the film about. Finally who proves to be innocent and do they come to know about their love for each other? What are the consequences when the case reaches it’s verdict? Find out in Inkaar.

Arjun Rampal as Rahul Verma the CEO of the advertising agency is good and convincing. He performed very well but somewhere it feel’s like he has done same kind of roles in his previous films. Overall Arjun is good. Chitrangada Singh as Maya Luthra was very good. She had very good opportunity to prove her acting skills and she nicely did i. Be it very young and new lady in advertising field or one who has started getting success or one who has achieved a lot in her career. Chitrangada did each and every bit of these things perfectly. She was the best as far as perfoormances in the film are concerned. In supporting cast Deepti Naval as Ms. Kamdar was very good. The other supporting cast also did a very good job. Overall the performances in the film were good.

Sudhir Mishra as a director was very good and showed such topic very nicely without losing the spark and being to the point in every scene. Few scenes in the film are repeated but every time there is different meaning to the same scene as Maya and Rahul try to prove that the other one is wrong. So the scene was shot from Rahul as well as Maya’s point of view. Manoj Tyagi was good with his story, this was something new and refreshing to see after long time. The screenplay of the film was also quite good. The cinematographer had little to do as most of the film is shot inside four walls, there was hardly any outdoor shooting.

Music of the film is strictly below average. All the songs be it Darmiyaan, Maula Tu Malik Hai, Zindagi Ka Kaobaar, Kuch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai are good t hear during the film. After that all of them are just forgettable. Darmiyaan is one such song which is slightly better and can be heard even without the visuals. Overall not so great music, Shantanu Moitra have given much much better music in his other films. Swanand Kirkire’s pretty good words also has no scope to make the music of the film lively

Overall Inkaar deserves at least one watch from those who loves good cinema with good performances and good direction. People who love to watch only hard core entertainment better miss this one. No doubt the film revolves around only one topic about sexual harassment but it also shows the happenings of the corporate world. The director has succeeded up to some extent in bringing the dark secrets and the politics involved at top level in top organizations in corporate world. This one is for the classes and not for the masses. The film is good and can e watched once without any hesitation but mite not be liked by everyone because this one is not everyone’s cup of tea.

My Verdict: 3.25/5


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