Vishal Bhardwaj the name once upon a time was enough to pull the audience to theaters. This time also along with the title Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola (MKBKM) it was the name which had lot’s of expectations from this film. But sad Vishal Bhardwaj is slowly losing his charm, he is confused between his type of cinema and the contemporary commercial cinema. He forgot that there was a time when people use to say it’s a Vishal Bhardwaj type film.

MKBKM is set in Haryana. Harry Mandola (Pankaj Kapur) is a rich industrialist who loves to drink day and night. His daughter Bijlee (Anushka Sharma) has studied in Oxford University and is living with her father in their village. Both of them share an unusual bond. Matru (Imran Khan) works for Harry as his driver. He has done his LLB from Delhi but due to no employment there he lives in his village. Harry has a dream of opening mall and setting up industries in his village for which he seeks help from Chaudhari Devi (Shabana Azmi) a powerful politician. Her son Baadal (Arya Babbar) and Bijlee love each other and are all set to marry. This marriage is also taking a business relation between Harry and Chaudhari Devi a step further. Matru is not happy with Harry and his dreams, he wants to help his fellow villagers for which he tries hard to save the village land which is Harry dream land to set up industry. Meanwhile Bijlee realizes that she does not want to marry Baadal and same is the opinion of Harry. Bijlee helps Matru in saving the village land. Chaudhari Devi blackmail’s Harry for clearance of some documents and wants the Baadal Bijlee marriage to happen as soon as possible. Will Matru be successful in his task and live up to the expectations of his fellow villagers? Will Bijlee marry Baadal or she will choose Matru over Baadal? Will Chaudhari Devi succeeded in getting her work done by blackmailing Harry? What will happen to villagers and their beloved land? Find out in MKBKM…

Pankaj Kapur is the scene stellar in the film. He is outstanding as Harry Mandola in the film. There are scenes where he has to be drunk and very next moment he has to be sophisticated and speak English. His dialogues in Hayanvi are also very good. The best performer in the film. Imran Khan as Matru did quite good job. His hard work to get the accent right and look like a village boy can be seen on the screen. But unfortunately he is still the same old lover boy, his look in the film didn’t help him much to prove that he is also a versatile actor. Anushka Sharma as Bijlee was decent. Again she was also normal as she is in her other films. There are some scenes where she was out of the box especially the climax scene where she is drunk but overall she is not up to the mark as far as the look of the film is concerned. Both Imran and Anushka won’t get required appreciation for their performance which was expected from this film to take their career to next level. Shabana Azmi as Chaudhari Devi was very good. She was ordinary yet very good. Arya Babbar as Baadal was good. His behaviour as slightly dumb was good and manages to make you smile.

Vishal Bhardwaj is back on the director’s seat after two years. His previous directorial venture Saat Khoon Maaf was not a Box Office success. In MKBKM he has maintained his style and directed his way. People who likes his direction won’t be disappointed but overall as a filmmaker he was bit weak in this film. His this work does not match up with his earlier amazing work like Omkara, Kaminey, Maqbool, Makdee. Story of the film is ordinary up to some extent. Screenplay is quite good all the characters in the film are portrayed very well especially that of Harry Mandola. Dialogue in the film are very good and makes you laugh at places. Vishal Bhardwaj has got the lines and accent perfect from his actors. Cinematography by Karthik Vijay was up to the mark nothing extraordinary. He managed to capture some of the parts of the village very beautifully but that’s all. Editing of the film could have been much much better. Sreekar Prasad was weak as an editor. His editing is the major drawback of the film.

Music is by Vishal Bhardwaj. There are many small songs in the film which go with the story and are also meaningful. These include Lootnewale, Chor Police, Shara-rara-ra, Char Dina Ki. All these songs are just good to hear in the film after that all of them are forgettable. Nomvula is sung by African people and it’s good in the film. Badal Uthiya, since its played in the background it’s hard to notice the song same with Khamaka, the song is played in the background but a feel good song. Oye Boy Charlie is very nicely sung and also shot but is has no scope of becoming audience favorite or topping the music charts. The title track comes in the end along with the credits and the best song from the film. Overall the music of the film is good, but again it is not as good as Vishal Bhardwaj’s earlier films.

The length of the film is the weak point of the film. First half has very minimum to offer and it’s hard to keep one engaged. Second half is better and it manages to entertain properly.The film was suppose to be funny but it hardly manages to bring a smile on your face, apart from it’s dialogue there is nothing funny in the film. Overall the film could have been little short and to the point. Vishal Bhardwaj needs to work very hard for his next film so that he retains his target audience. Imran and Anushka fans can watch this movie once but again they won’t get anything new from them. Most importantly the film does not bore you, it’s decent can be watched just to spend the weekend and for Vishal Bhardwaj’s effort.

My Verdict : 2.75/5


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