The title of the film makes a weird expression on your face. Once you hear the title one start’s imagining lot’s of things. The promo of the film made it clear what the film is all about. BP is one such Marathi movie made by one talented director Ravi Jadhav. Looking at his earlier films one will have lot’s of expectations from this one too and this film definitely lives up to one’s expectations.

The film starts with Sobodh Bhave(Avya) scolding and beating his son and meanwhile he finds porn DVD’s with his son. He gets very annoyed and asks his wife Amruta Subhash abut their son’s behaviour. The film goes in the flash back when four friends Avya(Rohit Phalke), Bhagya(Madan Deodhar), Dolly(Shaswati Pimplikar) and Chiu(Bhagyashree Shankpal) are happy that their half yearly exam got over. They come to know that in their chawl there is some problem, when they try to find out what exactly has happened their parents just ignore them. They try to find out what has happened their own way and they meet their friend Vishu(Prathamesh Parab) and ask him what do you mean by shen khane he understands what their friends want to know and the journey of getting educated about sex starts from there. The entire journey is hilarious from peeping into their neighbour’s room at night to collecting money to buy porn as part of their school donation. The director has showed this entire part in a very funny manner. Then these four kids have to face consequences of this, they are now no more friends they don’t realize what exactly they are doing, then they are caught by their elder’s in their chawl and they tackle this situation by making these kids understand when and how to gain knowledge about sex. This is what all the movie is all about.

All the four main characters of the film Avya, Bhagya, Dolly and Chiu have performed exceptionally well in the film. The remaining cast which includes Subodh Bhave, Amruta Subhash, Anand Ingle, Kishore Kadam, Supriya Pathare, Avinash Narkar, Sai Tamhankar and most importantly Vishaka Subhedar have done a fabulous job, especially Vishaka was outstanding in the supporting cast. Overall all the performances in the film are very good and they are the plus point of the film along with the film’s extremely sensitive subject.

Director Ravi Jadhav is back with his third film after highly acclaimed Natrang and Balgandharva. Ravi has executed this film very well. He has handled such a sensitive issue very carefully. He has managed to make his audience laugh and tell his message entertainingly. Amar Hadap and Ganesh Pandit have written the story beautifully without making it sound vulgar. Mahesh Limaye was decent as far as cinematography of the film is concerned. Some shots in the film are shot exceptionally well, but overall the cinematography of the film is good. Jayant Jathar was to the point his editing was approriate and there were no unwanted scenes in the film. Editing was to the point. The music of the film was good. Vishal- Shekhar did the music their style. Chinar, Mahesh the other music composers also did a pretty good job. Overall the music was good.

In the end when Subodh asks Amruta we need to find the Vishu, and Amruta answers, today Vishu is constantly with their son in the form of mobile, internet, etc. After watching this film when Balak’s (Children) and their Palak’s (Parents) discuss on a sensitive issue like sex education freely the makers of the film will be considered successful. Overall the film is good, it gives a good message. This one is recommend for the balak,s as well as palak,s. Go watch this BP.

My Verdict : 3.5/5


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