Table No.21 when you hear this title you start thing that in this film there must be something mystery revolving around some table in somewhere or the film has something to do with number 21. Now a day’s titles of the film give you some clue about what the film is all about. Table No.21 is one such film but it has something very different to offer.

Film starts with Vivaan(Rajeev Khandelval) and Siya (Tena Desae) going for a vacation to Fiji which they have won in some lucky draw. Vivaan and Siya are happily married. Vivaan is unemployed and is always tensed about finding jobs paying EMI’s. When they are in Fiji they celebrate their anniversary and they get an invite to a resort. The resort is of Mr.Khan(Paresh Rawal). Vivaan and Siya are having a very good time and they get an offer from Mr.Khan to play a game called Table No.21. In this game there will be 8 questions 8 tasks and price amount INR 21 crores to be won. Both of them start playing the game and find it interesting un till they reach upper levels and when the game pressure is unbearable for both of them they start finding the game to be stupid and ridiculous. Will Vivaan and Siya complete the game? Will they be able to complete the tasks successfully? What all the difficulties both of them have to go through? What is the aim of Mr.Khan? Find out all this in Table No.21.

Paresh Rawal as Mr.Khan is good at his part. He played his role perfectly. Looking at his earlier films this one was too a very good performance like always. Rajeev Khandelval as Vivaan is very ordinary. He has given much much better performances in his earlier film Aamir and Shaitan. He could have been much better but here his talent is not properly utilized. Tena Desae needs to learn lots of things. She was very ordinary any other girl could have done this role. Nothing exceptional she did in the film. Hanif Hilal has a role of a silent guy. No dialogues only action’s that too by his face only that too without expressions.

Director Aditya Datt had a very interesting concept to tell but everything went wrong. What he exactly wanted to show people never expected this would happen in the film after seeing the promos of the film. The film was promoted in a very different manner. Story writers Sheershak Anand and Shantanu Ray Chibber tried their level best to come up with something new but could not succeeded. The screenplay of the film was also not up to the mark. Cinematography by Ravi Walia could have been better but Fiji is shown properly hardly for sometime most part of the film is shot in closed places. The cinematographer failed to capture Fiji properly. The editing of the film was not good at all. The film is very slow paced. Initially the film seems to be interesting but gradually the pace of the film becomes slow leaving the audience uninterested.

The music of the film is average. Mann Mera song in the film comes along with the opening credits. The song is strictly average and has no chance of becoming a chartbuster. The other song O Sajna goes just unnoticed. If you lie you die is a promotional song and it has no place in the film. Overall the music of the film is just below average.

Overall the film makers tried to make it differently and failed doing so. The director had a good message to show through this film but somewhere while watching the film audience won’t connect to this film. The film was promoted in such a way that audience will go for something else and they will get something else which is not up to the mark. Somewhere he film is unrealistic and hard to connect to. This from those movies which can be watched on television when there is nothing else to watch. Watch it at your own risk.

My Verdict: 2.5/5


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