Chulbul Pandey is back with a bang. When the trailer of Dabangg 2 released audience were not too happy with it, everybody was thinking it will be same as Dabangg. Today everybody got their answer. The expectations were that of a complete entertaining movie. It is understood that people will make comparisons between both the parts but one should understand that Dabangg has it’s own charm. The only worry of the makers is to maintain that charm.

The film starts with Chulbul Pandey (Salman Khan) moving to Kanpur from Lalgunj. Here his life is set. His family is together and all of them are living happily. Everybody in the Pandey family Chulbul, Rajjo (Sonakshi Sinha), Prajapati (Vinod Khanna), Makhanchand (Arbaaz Khan) are living a happy life.Chulbul miss his mother. A normal twist in the story is Thakur Bachcha (Prakash Raj) enters to teach Chulbul that this is Kanpur his area and not Lalgunj. How Chulbul manages to tell Bachcha that he is no less in his own dabangg style, what happened to Nirmala (Mahie Gill) and Makhanchand??To find out all this watch Dabangg 2.

Salman Khan as Chulbul Pandey is just outstanding. He once again creates the same magic which he did in the earlier part. He is just adorable and makes you fall in love with the character. Sonakshi as Rajjo is beautiful. She has done a good job, here her character is slightly different as a housewife she has good relations with her other family members. Sonakshi manages to win your heart by her simplistic nature in the film. Prakash Raj could have done much better. He was not used properly in the film. There was so much he could do but no worries he was good, but still failed to create the impact which he created in Wanted and Singham. Other characters like Arbaaz Khan, Vinod Khanna, Mahie Gill and other police offices were good in their respective parts. Over everybody performed very well.

Music of the film was already topping the music charts before the film released. The film has a blend of all types of songs romantic, item number, dance number. Dabangg Reloaded is good to hear but not as good as Hud Hud Dabangg. Pandeyji Seeti is awesome because of its visuals. Salman has danced very well in the song and to top it up there is Munni (Malaika) and Sonakshi in the song. Dagabaaz Naina is a normal Rahat Fateh Ali Khan song. Saanso Ne is shot at some very good locations and Sonu Nigam and Tulsi Kumar make the song good to hear. Fevicol Se the best song of the album. When this song comes in the film there is different atmosphere in the theatre everybody is whistling and clapping and enjoying the song like anything. Overall the music of Dabangg 2 is very good.

Director Arbaz Khan had only one tension that is to live up to the expectations of Dabangg. He did his job very well. He directed every scene differently keeping in mind the plot and audience expectations and yet did not make us feel that this is exactly how it was in Dabangg. So as a first time director good job. The action director Anla Arasu tried to do some different thing and succeeded partially. You feel they are the same action scenes but the moment you feel that htere is something different and better on screen. Cinematographer Aseem Mishra was at his best. Each and every scene in the film is like a visual treat. Even though there are not much locations in the film the cinematographer makes you fall in love with each and every scene and the characters in it. The dialogues in the film are good but as good as the first part.

Overall the film is entertaining. It’s slightly small film. Don’t try to compare it with Dabangg. It’s just a continuation of the film. How would you feel if you go to watch Krrish and then see Robot in the second half. Similarly Dabnagg 2 is all about what happens after Dabangg. This is a very good gift from Santa for this year’s Christmas. So go, enjoy and get entertained. Highly Recommended.

My Verdict : 4/5


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