Khiladi is back after 12 years. Akshay Kumar back as action hero that too as a Khiladi. All of us have forgotten Khiladi for sometime and don’t know where it had vanished. This time Khiladi is not that old Khiladi, he is playing safe. Applying tried and tested formulas. From the promos itself it was all visible that this one will also be a complete regular masala action film.

In Mr. and Mrs. Khiladi there is a song ”akela hai Mr. Khiladi Mrs. Khiladi chahiye”. The film is all about this line.The film starts with a good action scene where Akshay Kumar is introduced. Bahattar Singh (Akshay Kumar) is single and no girl wants to marry him. He is not a Police Officer but he works for police and earns money. He is fed up of the fact that no girl wants to marry him. He has a long family story to tell which keeps on coming then and now in the film. Mansukh (Himesh reshamiya) is thrown out of his house because he is constantly breaking marriges arranged by his father. He meets Indu Tendulkar (Asin) and decides that Bahattar is perfect for Indu. How Mansukh meets Bahattar is another different story and the film again goes in the flashback as it keeps on going to describe Singh family. How by telling lies both the families Tendulkar and Singh become together. What all things Bahattar goes through to get married to Indu is what Khilai 786 all about.

From Akshay Kumar to Mithun Chakrovarthy to Asin all the characters in the film are very ordinary. Apart from Asin’s Marathi lingo there in nothing exceptional in any of the performance. There is no such performer in the entire cast of the film. Himesh as an actor managed to do pretty good job. As far as performances in the film are concerned they are very ordinary.

Music of the film is full on Himesh Reshamiya type. Allmost all the songs be it solo or duet has his voice. Khiladi Bhaiyya, Lonely, Saari Saari Raat, Long Drive, Hookah Bar, Balma all of them somehow sound similar. Long Drive and Saari Saari Raat are bit nice because they are melodious. Overall the music is average only till then when you hear the songs while watching the film else as an album its below average.

 Aashish Mohan the first time director has played very safe in his very first film. It’s a typical commercial masala film which is seen en number of times earlier. Talking about story it’s very simple nothing innovative at all and there is no logic also. The dialogues in the film succeed to bring a slight smile on your face. The Cinematography has only managed to make the lead actors look good on screen.

Overall if you enjoying watching masala commercial entertainers you are in for a treat. Akshay Kumar fans will love the film. Watch it at your own risk.

My Verdict:2/5


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