Karan Johar is meant to make all these larger than life films. He still has in it the passion to make that kind of cinema which once upon a time Indian audiences loved it and he makes sure that he makes the cinema in such a way the the current generation would love to watch his films. Student Of The Year (SOTY) is one such film. When the promos of the film were out people had no hopes from this film. People started doubting Karan Johar and his direction.Thia made Karan Johar so nervous that he promoted this film like anything and to be on a safer side he is distributing this film with some other distribution company. This was the scenario for SOTY till thursday night. It changed completely on friday morning.

No doubt the film is full on Karan Johar style. All the sequences are larger than life. The film has lots of songs and dances this one has some extra songs if compared to it’s length. There are many song portions in this film. The promos said everything for the film. It had no proper storyline yet it keeps its audiences glued to their seats. So many things happening one after the other and you just want to know what will happen next. The film is shot beautifully at various beautiful locations.

The film starts with a nice sequence which does the work of keeping you glued to your seats till the end of the movie. It starts with introducing all the three newcomers and each of them has a nice old song portion when they are being introduced. As the title says and from the promos one can make out that there is a competition called ”Student Of The Year” for which each and every student from the college works hard to win that, mean while there is love triangle between all three protagonists going on throughout the film. To find out who wins the title of ”Student of The Year” and at the end who gets the love do watch SOTY.

It’s a debut film of all the three actors. Varun Dhawan is a complete entertainment package with good looks, quite good acting skills and some very good dancing skills. He just wins your heart in all the scenes be it funny, emotional or romantic. This guy is here to stay in bollywood for a long time. Alia Bhat is only good looks. She needs to work hard on her acting skills. No doubt she did not make us feel that she is overacting but her acing in not upto the mark. Sidharth Malhotra is decent in everything. Be it acting, dance, romance, fight etc. He is a decent actor. Little hard work and he has a long way to go. Rishi Kapoor is just brilliant as usual. He makes you laugh all the time whenever he comes on screen. Ram Kapoor and Ronit Roy are good in their respective roles. All the other students of the school have a good job.

This is Karan Johar’s fifth movie as a director. He has maintained his style of taking the audience in his world of lavish cinema. He has directed keeping in mind the target audience that is the young generation. He doesn’t disappoint you at all. Even though this is his usual style you still like it. Editing of the film is what takes this film in a safe zone. Not even a single unnecessary scene the movie is crisp and to the point. Cinematography is another plus point of the film. It is a visual treat. Since the film had no good script the cinematographer made sure that audience will love the film and made each scene look just too good.

Music for the film is given by Vihal-Shekhar. The film has six songs. All of them are very good and good to hear. The Disco Song is the perfect party song. When you hear it you just cant stop dancing. Ishq Wala Love is a very nice melodious romantic number. When you hear this song you just go to some other world. Kukkad and Vele are good to hear and proper song for his type of film with a nice Punjabi touch to it. Radha a nice mixture of wedding song and a rock song. This one is also good to hear and dance. Overall the music of the film is just fantastic.

The film needs to be watched once by every teenager and each and every Karan Johar fan. If you are none of there still you need to watch it just because it’s a visual treat and you won’t regret watching film. This one is recommended for everyone especially toady’s generation.

My Verdict 3.5/5


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